Outer Wilds How to Get More Oxygen and Refill Your Tank

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Outer Wilds has you going from planet to planet in search of a way to escape the solar system before the Sun implodes and therefore destroying it. It’s safe to say that you’re going to need a lot of tools to make this work, as you’re also on a strict time limit. Speaking of tools, you’ll have quite a few things at your disposal to try and accomplish your mission. One of which is the oxygen tank, because it turns out, you need to breath to live! Here we’ll explain how to get more oxygen and refill your tank.

How to Refill Your Tank and Get More Oxygen

Refilling your oxygen tank is very similar to getting more fuel for your jetpack, and just as simple too. This also depends on where you are, as being away from the ship makes things a little more complicated. Oh, and we also think its important that you actually put on your spacesuit before exiting your space ship, because if you venture outside without it, you’ll die almost instantly.

We weren’t kidding about breathing being an invaluable trait to the game. Equally important is the first and easiest way to fill up your O2 tank, returning to the ship. Just by re-entering the ship your suit’s O2 gauge will fill up instantly, giving you more than enough for another trip outside.

However, as we stated earlier, their will be many times where you aren’t close to your ship for a quick refill, necessitating the use of local resources. Luckily, before it runs out your suit will repeatedly give you warning messages, which may or may not make things worse depending on how you play. Either way, once the O2 gauge empties, you’ll die right then and there.

Thankfully, their are plenty of areas for a fast fill of oxygen, specifically trees. Just walk up to any trees you see and you’ll see the O2 gauge go up, allowing you to continue your mission. This method makes getting oxygen a lot more manageable then the jetpack fuel, but that doesn’t mean you should turn a blind eye on your O2 gauge, as just moving around endlessly will quickly drain it.

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