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Outer Wilds How to Refuel Your Jetpack

Best way to ensure you keep on flying.

by Alex Levine


Outer Wilds is now out for the Xbox One and PC, and with all of the planet jumping you’ll need all of the resources to get out of the system in time before the Sun implodes. This no more evident than your trusty jetpack, which is arguably the most invaluable tool at your disposal. Of course, needing to keep your jetpack fueled is an important aspect of using it, so here’s how to refuel your jetpack in Outer Wilds.

How to refuel your jetpack in Outer Wilds

Their are a coupe of ways to refuel the jetpack. This depends on where you are throughout the solar system as certain areas will have less fuel sources than others. However, the most basic and easiest way to get fuel is from your ship directly. When you’re on the ship check a small compartment in the cockpit where you can place your spacesuit. To the left of this is a medkit and a fuel tank, where you can refuel the jetpack by pressing either X on Xbox One, or E for PC. Once you do this, the jetpack will fill back up and be ready to use once again.

Unfortunately, you won’t always be near your ship when the fuel starts to run dry on the tank. This tends to happen when your traveling to a far away planet that your ship can’t get to, and you have to hoof it there yourself. Should this occur, and it will, you’ll need to keep an eye out for fuel tanks that just happen to be lying around on these planet, possibly from other travelers that weren’t so lucky. If you happen to see one, just do the same as the above mention and you’ll be ready to fly around again.

Should the worst happen and you actually run out of fuel, the tank will begin to use your oxygen tank as fuel instead, which is not an ideal situation if you’re far from the ship. Either hightail it back to the ship, or find another fuel cylinder, because if you don’t, it’s game over.

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