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With so much at stake in Outer Wilds, you’d think that saving your progress in a playthrough would be paramount for the player. This is true, but in the weird, time constricted, groundhog style game, saving seems to be a bit of a mystery for a lot of players. In Outer Wilds you’ll find yourself doing a plethora of things to ensure your successful escape from the solar system, some of which can’t be undone. So how does one save withing the game? We’re here to explain how it works, here’s how to save your game in Outer Wilds. 

How to Save Your Game

Unfortunately, their is no way to manually save your game. The only way to save at all is through the auto-save system where the game automatically saves the game at specific intervals. Because of the unique nature of the game itself, the saves aren’t very frequent, in fact it only appears to save when the 20 minutes runs out and the Sun implodes on you, destroying the solar system and starting the cycle over.

When the supernova does occur, you’ll be shown a statue with small clips of everything you’ve done in the previous 20 minutes before you wake up and begin again. This is the auto save system where it keep all of your recent adventures marked so you don’t have to go back and find it all over again. While this might seem like a huge disappointment, it’s actually a small silver lining of the save system, negating the necessity of trying to find resources from unknown areas on another playthrough.

You can also use this auto-save system to your advantage if you wish to restart the cycle faster than the Sun intended. To do this, all you have to do it kill yourself and the system should do the rest. Keep in mind though that while this sounds simple, you may be waiting a long time for death to come knocking as you’ll most likely be waiting for your oxygen tank to run out. You can try and speed up this process by purposefully falling off of your ship without the suit on, but do so at your own risk as we haven’t seen the auto save function work in this capacity.

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