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Outriders – How to Change Appearance

Enjoy a mid-game makeover

by Joshua Garibay


Outriders doesn’t have an expansive set of character creation options, being completely void of sliders, but that doesn’t mean players won’t want to mix it up after hours of gameplay. People Can Fly has taken this into account and have included a way to alter a character’s appearance no matter how long it has been since their initial creation.

The full set of character creation options present can be accessed again in-game, with the exception of one selection: body type cannot be changed. Opting for a different body type (i.e., masculine to feminine) will require rolling a new character. This is the only permanent customization option.

How to Change Your Appearance

The player can alter their appearance at any established camp throughout the campaign. Once at a camp, check the minimap for the scissor icon. The scissor icon designates the location for character customization. Upon reaching the icon, a change appearance prompt will appear. The first camp, which is pictured above, houses the option next to a yellow hammock across from the player stash.

Body type aside, all options seen at the beginning of the game are available. Change up the Body (different than Body Type), Hair, and Markings categories however you desire. Simply click Save to finalize the changes and the revised character will be immediately reflected in-game.

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