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Outriders – How to Get Class Points

What to do with Class Points

by Kyle Hanson


So much about your experience in Outriders is based on your class, which is likewise controlled by how many Class Points you have. These are a critical part of the game’s leveling up system and offer players a chance to fine tune their character to suite their desired gameplay experience. But with them being so important, it’s pretty surprising to see how rarely players receive these valuable items. To help new players plan out their character, here’s a quick rundown of how to get Class Points in Outriders.

How to Get Class Points in Outriders

Class Points are a key part of Outriders’ leveling up system, and so it makes sense that you receive them whenever you gain a new level. A ton of activities in the game will reward you with XP. Completing quests and killing enemies as you do is the best way to get more XP, just keep in mind that the World Tier level does not change how much you will receive. Gain enough and you’ll level up. Once you do you can head into the class tree menu and will find a new Class Point available to spend. In total players can get up to 20 Class Points per character they have in the game. Once you have them you might wonder what to do with Class Points in Outriders, so keep reading to find out.

What to do with Class Points

Class Points are used in the skill tree menu to enhance and customize your character. Each one you spend can unlock or upgrade an ability, molding how you can play and making you more effective on the battle field. Picking which skill to use a Class Point on might feel daunting, but there’s no reason to stress. You can always reset your Class Points completely and reuse them however you see fit. Did you focus too much on poison damage for your Technomancer and now you don’t like it? Simply choose to reset the skill tree and you can redo everything to your liking. And the best part is that this doesn’t cost you anything, so do it all you want until you end up with a character that works well for you.

And that’s how to get Class Points and what to do with them in Outriders.

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