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Overwatch Guide: How To Get Loot

by Dean James


Overwatch is officially out now after the rounds of betas, which means that players are finally able to play meaningful matches that count. With the 21 playable characters, there are tons of costumes and other ways to customize each one, so we wanted to tell you how to start your way towards collecting these.

One of the biggest parts of Overwatch are the loot boxes that will provide you with the various character specific items in the game, of which there are a couple different ways to earn them.

First of all, by just buying the Origins Edition of the game, which is the only version you can get for consoles, you will receive a few different skins at the start, such as Tracer’s Slipstream and Reaper’s Blackwatch Reyes costumes. Beyond these though, you’ll need to play the game quite a bit if you don’t want to spend real money.

By playing Overwatch, you will gradually level up through the game’s XP system, with you earning more XP based on how well you perform in each match. When you do reach each new level in the ranking system, you will receive a loot box that holds four items.

The possible items that you can acquire are ranked at four different levels that Blizzard fans will recognize, common, rare, epic, and legendary items. While you may not get a top tier item every time, each loot box is guaranteed to at least come with one rare or better item.

While you may be concerned with getting duplicate items, the good news is that if you do by chance get a duplicate, it will instead be converted into the in-game money option and let you buy things such as skins, emotes, and voice lines with that money.

For those that don’t want to level up to get loot boxes, they can also be purchased with real money, though they are always going to be random like when earned in-game.

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