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Overwatch Guide: How To Play Soldier: 76

by Dean James


What really makes Overwatch special is just how enjoyable the different characters on the roster can be, each for very different reasons. Some are definitely more complicated than others, though there is nothing wrong at all with the simpler characters, such as the Offense class character Soldier: 76.

Soldier: 76 is the first character in Overwatch that you will get your hands on if you play through the game’s tutorial. This tutorial shows off his abilities, but we’re here to tell you some strategies on how to best use him in matches.

This is the one character that those that are more used to typical shooters like Call of Duty will feel comfortable with out of the gate, as he features a moveset that is more straightforward than most others. This starts with his weapon, the Heavy Pulse Rifle, an automatic weapon that can fire 10 rounds per second from his clip of 25. This weapon can be difficult to use from long range, so you will be better off moving in from a middle to close range. Close range can be pretty dangerous though as Soldier: 76’s health total is mediocre like the other Offense class characters, so be very careful in these tight quarters.

The best strategy with Soldier: 76 is to move in and out of covered areas with the use of his Sprint ability that you can use by holding L1 on PS4. This has no meter, so you can continuously use this throughout the match to get in and out of areas quickly. When coming up upon enemies, you can get the jump on them first by using Helix Rockets ability by pressing L2, which fires rockets at the enemy to do impressive damage. This is best used as an opening move before laying into the enemy with your rifle.

If you start to take too much damage, use Sprint to your advantage and find a safe area to where you can use your Biotic Field by pressing R1. You can technically use this anywhere, but being away from enemies will allow you to heal quickly and get back to fighting. While Soldier: 76 is not a Support character, this Biotic Field ability can help heal your teammates as well, so use it very wisely.

Soldier: 76 does not have a passive ability like many character do, but his Ultimate ability helps make up for that. By filling your Ultimate meter and pressing Triangle, you can unleash his Tactical Visor that lets you fire blindly for 6 seconds with every shot going directly after an enemy without you having to aim. This is a great move to finish off a crowd of weakened enemies, especially when they are around an objective or blocking your way in an escort mission.

Like said above, Soldier: 76 is one of the best characters for a newcomer to try out in Overwatch. He provides an easy to learn moveset that will feel familiar to those that have played other shooters, while also serving as an excellent entry point to the world of Overwatch that only gets more expansive with the other characters.

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