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Overwatch Guide: How To Play McCree

by Dean James


The variety in Overwatch is very impressive in not only the different styles of characters themselves, but also in their weaponry. Many characters utilize a gun of some sort, but even they are made different from one another. You have the more modern options like Soldier: 76, but on the opposite end you also have the western-based Offense character McCree.

Similar to Soldier: 76, McCree serves as a great gateway for those that may be used to more traditional shooters, as he comes equipped with his trusty Peacekeeper revolver. Aiming and firing the revolver is very simple, with six shots being able to be fired off before having to reload. Headshots actually make an impact here as well, as they will deal double the damage of a regular shot.

Beyond just firing one shot at at time, McCree also has his Fan the Hammer ability with his Peacekeeper that lets him unload the remainder of his ammo in one go. Due to the rapid fire, the accuracy of this is rather low, making it really only useful in close quarters. This is especially helpful when you can finish off an opponent that has low health already and just need to finish them off while they are trying to escape.

McCree also has two abilities that can be utilized in tandem with the Peacekeeper, the first of which is his Combat Roll. Unlike most of the Offense class characters, McCree is very slow moving, but Combat Roll does allow him to move just a little quicker, while also instantly reloading his Peacekeeper ammo in a second. This is best used in a firefight when you have exhausted your ammo and can use the Combat Roll to not only dodge out of the way of harm quickly, but then have a full clip of ammo at your disposal again.

He also has his Flashbang ability that can be thrown and temporarily stun an opponent in front of you while dealing a little damage. Currently, this is almost a little too effective when combined with the Fan the Hammer technique, but it has already been confirmed this will be nerfed in some way soon. However, this is still a very useful ability for you to use. I also found it quite helpful to throw it into a crowd from above when trying to help teammates clear a crowd around an objective.

McCree also has his very strong Ultimate ability, Deadeye, which has him marking any opponents he can see and firing upon them to deal mass damage. Like with many of the other Offense class characters, his Ultimate ability is a great finisher to help turn the tide for your team, especially when it’s very late in a match.

Overall, McCree is a very well rounded character that isn’t that hard to learn how to use. His lack of speed may be a little big of a hindrance for what Offense class characters are known for, but the way his abilities and weapon gel together really do make him a character worth trying.

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