Paper Mario: The Origami King – How To Add Extra Time To The Line Up Timer

Save yourself if you're running out of time.

by Dean James
Paper Mario: The Origami King

Paper Mario: The Origami King introduced a unique new battle system that takes some classic elements and infuses it with something entirely new. One of the new elements is how the battle is split into two phases, the first of which is entirely focused on you places the enemies around you in the circular battle grid. You do not have infinite time here though, which makes you have to rush your decision on how to place them. While this can get stressful, you are able to add time to the clock here and this guide will break down how you can do it.

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How To Add Extra Time to The Line Up Timer

At the very beginning of every battle in Paper Mario: The Origami King, you are tasked with lining up the enemies in a certain way to most effectively attack them. Your goal is to try and avoid being attacked yourself as much as you can, so trying to take out many at a time is always a good thing.

This first phase of the battle is timed though, which can get really difficult. With you wanting to make sure the enemies are in the right place every time, you really may end up using all of the time you have. For when you’re about to run out though, you can add more time to the timer.

When you want to add time in this phase, all you have to do is either press the + button to add one second or hold it down to give you longer. For every 10 coins you pay, you can add another second to the clock. This can really be a big deal when the battles start getting more and more complicated, as you need every second you can get. Just feel free to add time when you need it, as coins are pretty common in this game overall.