Paper Mario: The Origami King – How To Grab And Open Golden Ball With Broken Vine

Don't be afraid to mash.

by Dean James
Paper Mario: The Origami King

Paper Mario: The Origami King is not your typical Mario game where you just move left to right and only have to worry about platforming. Instead, you have to always be thinking as you’re exploring through the world found in the game. This is because there are puzzles to solve for you to advance, some that may be more obvious than others. This one in particular finds you with a large golden ball above you that has a vine attached to it that breaks when you try to use it. As a result, you have to find an alternate way to open it and this guide will tell you how you can do so since it contains a very important item.

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How To Grab and Open Golden Ball With Broken Vine

Mario cannot jump and grab onto the vine attached to the golden ball, which means you have to find an alternative. There is a nearby patch of ground you can fill, but that doesn’t help you when it comes to opening the golden ball above.

What you need to do instead is go to the nearby tree and smack it with your hammer. If this doesn’t work the first time, just keep smacking it again and again. By doing this, you will gain access to a new 1000-Fold Arms platform just below the ball that you can interact with. Once you do this, go up and use the arms to help you with reaching the vine attached to the golden ball.


Once you are able to grab onto the vine and pull down, you will open the golden ball. The opening of the ball will lead to a new item dropping out for you to collect, which is the Shriveled Seed. This item is not immediately useful, but it will become very important soon.