Paper Mario: The Origami King – How To Open Manhole Cover To Enter Sewers in Toad Town

Find the Manhole Hook.

by Dean James
Paper Mario: The Origami King

After you make your way out of the forest, you will find yourself in Toad Town, which is ominously empty to start. This is because there are these giant Goomba enemies all around that scared people away, which you need to defeat. After clearing out the Goombas, you will realize your only way to keep moving north is via a broken bridge, so you have to find another route through the sewers. When you find the entrance to the sewers though, you will discover that you cannot move the manhole cover without the help of an item known as the Manhole Hook and this guide will tell you how you can acquire it.

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How To Open Manhole Cover To Enter Sewers In Toad Town

The manhole cover you will need to open is found in the northwest corner of Toad Town, where you will also find a Shy Guy that reveals you need the Manhole Hook to open it. He mentions that there is another not as good looking Shy Guy in the town that has one, so you need to find him. Depending on how many of the giant Goombas you have defeated will dictate whether you’ve seen this other Shy Guy already.

Where you need to go is in the southwest corner of the town where there is a house with a giant Goomba in the yard, which you may or may not have taken down already. If you haven’t, you must enter the house, hit the dresser with your hammer to cause a drawer to pull out that you can use as a step to get up to the window. Now hit the window with your hammer to open it to go outside and defeat the Goomba.

After the Goomba is defeated, speak with the Shy Guy here, who is exactly who we were looking for. Unfortunately, he does not have the Manhole Hook on him, but rather he mentions he put it in a red brick building by the pier, so head to the eastern part of town.


It’s hard to miss the above building, which requires you to fill in the door with confetti before you can open it. Now head inside and you’ll find a Spike that is stuck, which you may have already freed prior. Speak with Spike and he will mention how the Manhole Hook might be in a box, so go to the shelf on the far right side and smack it with your hammer over and over until it tips over. This will cause the box to drop and create a new 1000-Fold Arms platform to show up.Go to this platform and activate the 1000-Fold Arms to reveal a new doorway that will take you into the next room.


Once you are in this room, take care of the small Goombas that are in here and destroy the boxes that you can. Now go to the left of the green cart on the group and hit it towards the right with your hammer to place it to where you can get higher up. Use it to get on the upper shelf and jump over towards the left and you will find the Manhole Hook right up there. Once you have it in your possession, just head back to the sewer entrance and open up the manhole.