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Paper Mario: The Origami King – How To Restore Shriveled Or Faded Items

Make the items useful again.

by Dean James


The Mario franchise and in turn the Paper Mario franchise has had its fair share of different items over the years, with people being used to finding Mushrooms and Fire Flowers especially. Paper Mario: The Origami King throws players for a loop early on by giving you some dilapidated looking items like the Shriveled Mushroom, which is entirely useless to you and just sits in your inventory. There is a way to restore these items though and this guide will tell you just how you can do it.

How To Restore Shriveled or Faded Items

As you’re exploring the forest near the beginning of the game, you will eventually come across some items that are not in great shape. Some of these are typical inventory items that you could use when they are restored, while one is required to advance the story forward. This means you will absolutely have to restore at least that item, which is the Shriveled Seed.

The types of items you may come across include that one, along with the Shriveled Mushroom and Faded Fire Flower, all of which are useless to you in this shape. What you need to do is continue forward until you reach the Forest Maze and escape from there with a mission from the grandpappy tree asking you to bring him a Soul Seed.

What you need to do is continue on the path in the new direction you have not traversed before. Eventually, you will come upon the spring that you saw in the distance before where items were dropped into it. The first thing you will put in here is the Shriveled Seed, but we want to do more than just that.

At this point, go to your inventory at the spring and toss in both the Shriveled Mushroom and Faded Fire Flower, both of which will come back out like new.

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