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Path of Exile Update 3.15.0c Patch Notes

The patches keep on coming to smooth out the expedition experience.

by Andron Smith


Update 3.15.0c has arrived for Path of Exile, and here’s the full list of changes and fixes added with this patch. 3.15.0c is the seventh update since the release of Expedition. Within this patch, Grinding Gear Games has provided multiple fixes for bugs as well as some updates to graphical issues such as the alternate art flask not showing its 2D art correctly. Here’s everything new with Path of Exile update 3.15.0c.

Path of Exile Update 3.15.0c Patch Notes

  • The Expedition Vendor windows now display how many relevant Artifacts are in your Expedition Locker.
  • Fixed a bug with Delve chests and Azurite not showing their labels.
  • Fixed a bug where the Logbook modifier ‘additional Suffix’ was not generating the correct amount of additional Suffixes.
  • Fixed a bug where gaining or losing modifiers that change the effect of Freeze on you, such as from an Aquamarine Flask, would not immediately update the effect that pre-existing freezes were having on you.
  • Fixed a bug where Flasks with “Chance to avoid being Stunned during Flask Effect” did not have an affix.
  • Fixed a bug where Skin of the Loyal was unable to receive blue sockets.
  • Fixed a bug with Alternate Art Flask 2D art not showing correctly.

While this patch doesn’t appear to fix a lot on the surface, it’s clear the team is squashing bugs wherever they can to smooth out the new Expedition experience. As with patch 3.15.0b, this was marked as a “restartless” patch but the devs ask that players restart their client to get all fixes applied. It is usually best to go ahead and do this to ensure the game version is not out of date or players may be left wondering what’s going on with their flasks.

Path Of Exile is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. For more information regarding this patch, visit the official Path of Exile Site.”

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