Payday 2 Update 238 Patch Notes

Witness Payday 2's final major content update!

by Marc Magrini
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The world of Payday has come a long way. Over 200 updates after its release, Payday 2 is nearing its end with one final DLC heist. Along with this heist, a free patch was provided to players that seeks to fix a couple of problems still scattered throughout the game. Players should take a moment to check out every change and fix for update 238 of Payday 2.

All Update 238 Patch Notes for Payday 2

Outside of the Crude Awakening heist itself, which can be purchased separately, update 238 mainly consists of bugfixes. There’s at least one change that affects another heist, Goat Simulator, but the overall content of the game was left untouched for the most part. Regardless, here’s everything to expect as part of this major update:

  • Altered certain visuals in Goat Simulator to no longer display copyrighted material.
    • The notes do not specify what content was changed in particular, but it doesn’t change the heist’s actual objectives.
  • Fixed an issue with optional loot that couldn’t be interacted with in Day 2 of Rats.
  • Made the Midland Ranch laptop’s placement visible to players even if they aren’t holding it.
  • Altered the EXP gain for Border Crossing in accordance with patch notes from update 237.
  • Prevented a bullet from showing inside the player’s body when equipped with the Amaroq 900 Sniper Rifle.
    • Also fixed an issue for two of the weapon’s mods that prevented them from showing up while sprinting.
  • Fixed an issue where glove icons were cut off in the menu.
  • Prevented a crash triggered by players pasting pictures into the game’s social hub search bar.
  • Prevented a bug where players had more skill points than intended.
  • Allowed safe house raids to continue appearing for players.
  • Tweaked the performance of the game’s highlight-through-walls (contour) system.
  • Prevented damage bonuses from being delayed when marking enemy units.
    • Also prevented damage bonuses from not applying when the same unit is marked with multiple contours.
  • Prevented the Aced version of the High Value Target skill from not working correctly on SWAT Van Turrets.

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While there are a fair few changes in this update, their alterations are fairly minor overall. Those having trouble running the game effectively should find a bit more success thanks to the contour tweaks, and players with skills like High Value Target will find their heist performance to be much better than before. Make use of these changes in full as you bid farewell to the world of Payday 2!

- This article was updated on June 28th, 2023

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