Pentiment: How to Pass Every Dialogue Check from Act 1

Once More Unto the Speech!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

Are you wondering how to pass every dialogue check from Act 1 in Pentiment? Dialogue checks are extremely hard to pass because you only get one shot at the answer unless you quickly reload an old save file and try again. If you fail to answer correctly, the NPC will not be persuaded to whatever goal you currently trying to accomplish. A failure will prevent certain actions or you from learning important information. You will know an answer you give is part of a dialogue check when you see the phrase: “This will be remembered.”

How to Pass Every Dialogue Check from Act 1 in Pentiment

Here is every dialogue check from Act 1 with the correct responses. I tried to get you the correct responses without using a specific Background, but sometimes it is easier to use a response based on your Background than not. I have noted when this is the case.

Act 1

Persuade Illuminata:

  • Offered to help Illuminata enthusiastically.
  • Asked forgiveness for keeping books.

You will earn an achievement for completing this dialogue check.

Earn a Friendly Greeting From Martin:

  • Told Martin not to work too hard.
  • Invited Martin to supper with the boys.

This is one of the hardest dialogue checks, as none of your responses seem like they would be appropriate.

Earn Lorenz Rothvogel’s favor:

  • Acted honored at Lorenz’s invitation to walk with him.
  • Expressed fascination with Luther’s ideas.
  • You were enthusiastic about sharing occult lore (Occult Background)
  • Addressed the baron respectfully
  • Engaged Lorenz in a debate at dinner

You will earn a pin that you can equip. This pin follows you into the next act, so it is a cool visual change to your character. Note that the biggest way to pass this dialogue check is by engaging Lorenz in a dinner debate. You don’t need the Occult Background to pass as long as you debate him.

Persuade Lucky:

  • Orator Background (Orator Background)
  • Didn’t hassle Lucky about his fight with Lorenz

Passing this dialogue check will get Lucky to invite you to dinner, and you will learn about the “innocents” clue for use as evidence.

Persuade Gernot:

  • Convinced Gernot you left abbey alone
  • Don’t engage Lorenz in a debate

If you pass this dialogue check, Gernot will permit you to dig up the grave.

Persuade Mathieu

  • You can only pass this option if you see Mathieu’s steamy scene in the library after you sneak in at night for the Volvelle puzzle.

If you pass this dialogue check, Mathieu will not run and tattle on you to the abbey for digging up the grave.

Pentiment is available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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