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Persona 5 Guide: How to Raise Guts

by Al McCarthy


Persona 5 has many stats that you can boost by performing various activities around the city, but one of the hardest to find is guts.  Raising guts in Persona 5 is just as simple as raising your other attributes, but you just have to look around for very specific activities.

Here are some ways that you can raise guts in Persona 5.  First off, this might sound a little strange but you can raise guts by studying at the library.  To do this just head to the library in the school and find an open study desk and start studying to gain some guts.  You’ll also gain knowledge.

In Shibuya Station you can take on the Big Bang Burger Challenge this will earn you guts every time you try, and might be the most efficient way to earn guts as you’ll earn points even if you fail and more guts points if you complete the challenge.  Other things that you can try to earn guts are going to the movies in Shibuya, leveling the Death Confidant, drinking hot coffee, finding and reading books that increase guts, and going to the Bathhouse when it’s raining,

There are many other ways to earn guts in Persona 5.  Going to the Clinic will allow you to earn guts too, once you’ve started a relationship with Takemi.  After your initial visit to Takemi’s Clinic you will hear about a special medicine.  When you return to the Clinic to inquire about the medicine she will allow you to be her guinney pig and you’ll earn guts for taking medicine.  However, you’ll have already needed to earn guts elsewhere to continue doing clinical trials.

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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