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Persona 5 Guide: Where To Find Yusuke

by Mike Guarino


Yusuke Kitagawa is the eccentric artist that will eventually join your team in Persona 5, helping you out in combat while also being available to hang out with. Due to his interesting character arc and the fact that getting closer to him makes him stronger in battle, making the time to hang out with him is something that we highly recommend. This guide will show you how to track him down.

First of all, Yusuke won’t become available until 6/14 within the game, and you need to have a Proficiency of level 4 to be able to hang out with him. While he isn’t as easy to find as some of the game’s characters, most of the time you will be able to find him in the Underground Walkway in Shibuya. Being the true artist that he is, he spends his time here admiring the crowds of people and taking in life’s natural beauty. He’s a unique character that requires someone with an eye for the arts like he does, so be sure to lean towards the more profound conversation choices when speaking with him.

Yusuke also brings a major new mechanic to the game that can’t be said for most characters, and that is the ability to copy skill cards. He does this by turning Blank Cards into copies of whatever Skill Card you want a duplicate of, which comes in very handy if you want a powerful skill acquired by more than one Persona.

Keep in mind that if you’re having trouble finding Yusuke and you’re well over the recommended Proficiency rank, it could just be that you’re close to a dungeon deadline and need to finish it first. This means that you need to make your way through to the very end of a Palace and defeat the final boss, which should open up many social interactions again. There are also just days where characters aren’t available to hang out with, and if that’s the case then just try again the next day.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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