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Phasmophobia – How to Use the Parabolic Mic

How to detect ghost footsteps with a parabolic mic

by Kyle Hanson


New updates have rolled out to Phasmophobia that give you new objectives, including detecting ghosts using the Parabolic Mic. Longtime players may be used to just skipping this detection tool, since it can be tough to actually find a use for it. But with this new objective it’s more important than ever to know how to use the parabolic mic in Phasmophobia.

How to Use the Parabolic Mic in Phasmophobia

Before we dive into the “detect ghost footsteps during a hunt” objective let’s explain the basics of the parabolic mic in Phasmophobia. In short, this microphone will detect any sounds within a 30 meter range of the player, at a width of 6 meters. It works through walls and doors as well, so if you’re hunting a ghost’s location you can walk around and point the parabolic mic in different directions to see if it picks up any sounds. Just be sure you’ve turned it on by left clicking after you equip it.

The display will update every 1-2 seconds, so move slowly and be sure to check everywhere you can. If a ghost makes noise either by interacting with an object, stepping around, or triggering other detection devices the display should show the number increase letting you know something happened in that direction. But the real test is using it during a hunt and completing the new objective.

How to Detect Ghost Footsteps Using the Parabolic Mic

This is actually easier than simply using the parabolic mic to detect the ghost’s location since you already know where to point it and can complete this pretty easily. All you need to do is trigger a hunt by angering the ghost while your average sanity is within its hunt range.

Once the hunt begins, indicated by your flashlight flickering and the walkie-talkie going out, you need to turn the parabolic mic on and point it toward the ghost. If it registers a reading of 1 or above you likely got it, but just be patient and stay safe and you should know when you got it simply because you’re pointing the parabolic mic right at the ghost while it walks toward you.

Of course, now you need to try to survive, so run to the nearest locker or closet and hold the door shut until the hunt ends. But that’s how to use the parabolic mic and how to detect ghost footprints during a hunt in Phasmophobia.

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