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PHOGS! – How to Play Co-op with Friends Locally and Online

Have a friend join your game

by Kyle Hanson


While playing PHOGS! by yourself is totally possible, it’s definitely not the intended way to play. This is a co-op game through and through, so if you have a friend you’ll want to bring them along for the adventure. But in the current times, when social interaction should be done at a solid six foot range, sitting on a couch together can be tough. And hell, even if your quarantine partner is right there you might not know how to play co-op with friends in PHOGS! We’re here to show you how to do it locally and online.

How to Play Co-op with Friends in PHOGS!

If you’re going the local route then the solution is pretty simple. When you first boot it up PHOGS! will ask if you’re playing with one controller or two. This is where you can decide if you’re playing by yourself or via local co-op. Choosing two controllers will either prompt you to connect another controller or move you right along if one is already available. Once in the game, one controller should handle Blue’s movement while the other should handle Red’s.

In testing this for our review there were some issues on occasion though. For example, on Switch you might need to reconnect the controllers by going Home and choosing the Controller menu then recoonecting them. Once you boot back into the game it will make you repeat this, but will then securely assign the controllers to the individual PHOG head. Other consoles might be similar, so if you have any trouble just try reconnecting the controllers to see.

You should also head to the Options menu by pressing Plus, Options, or Menu depending on the platform then selecting Controls by pressing the right shoulder button. This is where you’ll want to go if you’re adding a player to a previously solo game as well, since you can change between one controller and two controller setup. But what if youre friend isn’t already nearby? How do you play PHOGS! co-op online?

This is also pretty simple. All you need to do is open the menu (Plus on Switch, Options on PS4/PS5, Menu on Xbox One/Series X) and choose Online. This will open up your friends list and allow you to invite any one person you want to the game. Keep in mind though that this will reset you to the last Worm or portal that you exited, so you might lose some progress. Also be aware of who is hosting as that is the save that will be used.

And that’s how to play co-op with friends in PHOGS! both locally and online.

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