Pikmin Bloom: How to Get Coins

by J.T. Isenhour


Getting  Flower Coins in Pikmin Bloom is necessary to get single-use bag slots for hatching Pikmin. With Pikmin Bloom being similar to Pokemon Go, it would make sense that you would acquire coins the same way in both games. However, there is a lack of gyms in Pikmin Bloom which means you can’t earn coins that way. In this guide we will cover the two ways you can get coins in Pikmin Bloom.

How to get Flower Coins in Pikmin Bloom

Buying them with real currency

With free-to-play games, there will be microtransaction involved as that is the main way they generate revenue. Pikmin Bloom is not exempt from this rule and offers the option to buy coins with real money. The conversion rate for these coins seems to be $1 is worth 100 coins. Of course, buying coins in larger quantities will give you extra coins.

Earn coins by planting flowers

The other method of get Flower Coins it to plant flowers and be awarded coins. This is the only method currently in the game of earning coins and it will require you to but in a little work. The coins are not handed out at a 1 to 1 ratio, so you will not earn a coin for each flower planted and you might not plant a flower for each step you take. You will have to walk a lot and plant a lot of flowers to earn any coins and even then you don’t earn a lot. It will talk a decent amount of walking before you are able to buy anything at the in-game store.


While these are the only two methods of acquiring coins in the game at this moment it is unknown if more will be added in the future. Pikmin Bloom may also hold in-game events in the future that will award players will more coins than normal.  However, there is still no word on how the game will handle these events or when these will be.  Obviously, the easiest way to get coins is to just buy them and you will also be supporting the developers by spending money on the game.

If you don’t want to spend money on the game you can play it just as well. Most of the coin purchases seem to be convenience-based. Sadly, storage upgrades are only sold for real money so if you want those upgrades you can’t just grind for them. This may change in the future to match Pokemon Go’s storage system, but there is no word on it happening anytime soon.

Pikmin Bloom is available on Android and IOS devices.

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