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Pikuniku – How to Get Some Arms

Some say that having arms can massively improve one's quality of life.

by Jacob Bukacek


After playing Pikuniku for awhile, one might just notice that every character in this game has one thing in common: no arms! They all get along just fine without them of course, but having arms would be a big improvement, wouldn’t it? Well, lucky for Piku, arms are within his reach! It’s just a matter of knowing the right people…and also being able to get what they want first.

To begin Piku’s quest to get armed, he’ll first have to acquire the Water Hat. This handy item can only be acquired after dealing with the issues plaguing the Forest Village, so he’s going to be fresh out of luck until everything there is taken care of. Once that’s done and the Water Hat is sitting safely in Piku’s inventory, players should return to the first village located near Piku’s mountain and jump their way up to the green house. This is the one located on the eastern side of the village with plants sitting outside to its left. Once inside, equip the Water Hat and use it on the only plant that hasn’t bloomed. A giant flower will grow out of it, which Piku can use to jump up to a previously inaccessible house. This place is home to a mysterious, hooded figure with the power to grant wishes. He’s very willing to grant Piku’s wish, or at least what he thinks Piku’s wish is, but he’s going to need a Gold Tooth from the Stone Frog in order to make that happen.


To get this tooth, return to the Forest Village and travel east until you spot the jagged entrance to a hidden space underneath the large hill. Once inside, use the Water Hat to water the flower, solve the subsequent puzzle, then proceed eastward until you come to a stone doorway. Enter it, and complete the platforming gauntlet in order to earn the tooth. With tooth in hand, return to the hooded figure and watch in awe as they grant Piku is very own pair of very useless arms. Pleased with his work, the robed magician will send Piku off to live out his life exactly the way he would have without those arms. It may sound like a lot of work for not much tangible benefit, but at least Piku can say he has arms now.

Pikuniku is available on PC and Nintendo Switch

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