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Pikuniku – How to Go to the Beach

Everybody loves the beach, even unidentifiable creatures.

by Jacob Bukacek


For the most part, secret spaces in Pikuniku are limited to small area located in the sides of hills or underground. There is however, one large secret zone Piku can visit if one remembers to look for it. It’s not actually all that difficult to get to once one knows where it is, and finding it is just a simple matter of taking the path less traveled.

The very first area players will encounter in Pikuniku is Piku’s mountain. This is where Piku initially awakens at the start of the game, and it’s more or less his home. It’s also located on the extreme west of the land Pikuniku takes place in, but it’s not on the very extreme. It’s actually possible to climb over the mountain and access what’s on the other side. All that’s needed is a special piece of equipment.

If one climbs to the top of Piku’s mountain, they’ll run up against an impassably tall ledge with some sort of stalk growing next to it. This stalk is actually a flower platform that’s just waiting for Piku to water it, something he’ll only be able to do after getting the Water Hat. Unfortunately, Piku’s can’t acquire that particular piece of head gear until after he takes care of business in the Forest Village. Once he does though, all he has to do is come back, water the flower, hop on top, and then roll on down to the other side for a well-deserved rest on the beach! Just make sure to watch out for seagulls though; they aren’t very careful birds.

Pikuniku is available on PC and Nintendo Switch

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