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PlayStation 5 – How To Get PSVR Camera Adapter

Necessary to use your PSVR on the PS5.

by Dean James


The PlayStation VR released back in 2016 and has continued to be supported throughout the rest of the life of the PlayStation 4, with a number of third party titles and a decent amount of Sony published titles like Marvel’s Iron Man VR more recently. One of the best features of the PlayStation 5 is that it will be backwards compatible with almost the entire PS4 library, which even includes the PSVR games as well. There is not a new headset coming out or anything, but the original headset will work with the console, kind of at least. To get this to work, you will need a special adapter for the PlayStation Camera that you can get for free from Sony.

How To Get PSVR Adapter

For those that have PSVR, you will know that the connector from the PlayStation Camera that goes into the PS4 itself is a proprietary cable that is not like any other. And if you’ve looking at the PS5 images showing the inputs on the back, you will notice there is nothing like this available, leaving you to probably wonder how you will use it.

The good news is that Sony was prepared for this and has instead created an adapter that you can use that will allow you to plug the cable into an open USB port instead. You won’t even have to pay for this adapter either, as Sony is providing them for free.

These adapters won’t be included in the box for PS5 though, as you instead have to request them from PlayStation directly by going to their PlayStation Camera Adapter request page.

On this page, you will have to enter your PSVR serial number, which can be found on the back of the processor unit box that you plug your PSVR into. Once you do this, you will add in your shipping address and they will be starting to send them out soon. In fact, they have stated that people who do it now should expect to get them in the US in mid-November, which should be just after the launch of the PS5.

The good news is that you don’t also have to put in a PS5 serial number or anything, so you can go ahead and fill it out now. I recommend going ahead and doing it as soon as possible, just so you can hopefully get the adapter sooner rather than later.

- This article was updated on:October 31st, 2020

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