Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl: All Gym Leaders and Their Pokémon

These might be familiar to some...

by Elliott Gatica
Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Candice

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are faithfully remade to be the modern-day counterparts to the 2006 Gen IV games. In doing so, this also means that many of the iconic battles we have in our journeys through the Sinnoh region will be very familiar. This includes the gym leaders, their Pokémon, and the levels they have their parties at. Here are the gym leaders in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl along with Pokémon they have in their parties.

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All gym leaders and their Pokémon in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Roark (Oreburgh City)

  • Geodude – Lv. 12
  • Onix – Lv. 12
  • Cranidos – Lv. 14

Gardenia (Eterna City)

  • Cherubi – Lv. 19
  • Turtwig – Lv. 19
  • Roserade – Lv. 22

Maylene (Veilstone City)

  • Meditite – Lv. 27
  • Machoke – Lv. 27
  • Lucario – Lv. 30

Crasher Wake (Pastoria City)

  • Gyrados – Lv. 27
  • Quagsire – Lv. 27
  • Floatzel – Lv. 30

Fantina (Hearthome City)

  • Drifblim – Lv. 32
  • Gengar – Lv. 34
  • Mismagius – Lv. 36

Byron (Canalave City)

  • Bronzor – Lv. 36
  • Steelix – Lv. 35
  • Bastiodon – Lv. 39

Candice (Snowpoint City)

  • Snover – Lv. 38
  • Sneasel – Lv. 38
  • Medicham – Lv. 40
  • Abomasnow – Lv. 42

Volkner (Sunyshore City)

  • Raichu – Lv. 46
  • Ambipom – Lv. 47
  • Octillery – Lv. 47
  • Luxray – Lv. 49

An important thing to note is that the gym leaders aren’t in the order nor do they have the team compositions that they had from Platinum Version. Many players may have expected that the Diamond and Pearl remakes had the same kind of details that would be more akin to Platinum, which is considered to be the definitive Sinnoh experience.

Luckily, players who are going to experience the Sinnoh region for the first time in these remakes will have an easier time against these gym leaders. Back then, the level scaling was rather punishing. But with the Exp. Share feature being permanent, the gym leaders aren’t going to be that tough this time around. That isn’t to say they’re pushovers though.

For people who complain that the game is “too easy”, just wait until after getting the National Dex. You may want to revisit the gym leaders after leveling up your party up a few notches.

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are out now exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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