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Pokemon GO: Best Rayquaza Counters for the Special Raid Weekend

How to beat and catch Rayquaza with the best counters

by Kyle Hanson


After months of absence and anticipation Rayquaza is returning to legendary raids in Pokemon GO. While he won’t appear in his much requested shiny variant, this will still be a great chance to get your own Rayquaza for use in the game. But to catch him, you have to beat him, and to beat him you need the best counters. Here’s our guide on the best Rayquaza counters in Pokemon GO.

Rayquaza is a dual type Pokemon, with the advantages and disadvantages of both Dragon and Flying types. This means he can be tough to take out, but also that there are a lot of vulnerabilities you can exploit. Ice is going to be your best bet against him, as it will deal the most damage. Since raids are a race against the clock, that’s all you really should care about, though if you have too few trainers for the battle you’ll need to have the very best counters available. Here they are, with the ideal moveset against Rayquaza.

Mamoswine – Powder Snow and Avalanche
Weavile – Ice Shard and Avalanche
Mewtwo – Psycho Cut and Ice Beam
Jynx – Frost Breath and Avalanche
Piloswine – Ice Shard and Avalanche
Articuno – Frost Breath and Ice Beam
Cloyster – Frost Breath and Avalanche

You may notice a theme there. As I said, Ice is your go-to against Rayquaza, so if you don’t have ideal counters just focus on that. Set up teams of Ice based attackers, searching for Pokemon with Avalanche or other powerful moves. You do also need to keep an eye on what moves Rayquaza will be using against you, and the weather. Outrage is his most powerful move, so if the auto-picker in Pokemon GO avoids Dragons in your team, be ready for a tough fight.

Windy weather will make for a much tougher Rayquaza for you to fight. Normally you’ll want to have at least 5 or more trainers to make for an easy fight, though a proper set of counters can take him out with just 2-3 high level players. If the weather is Windy though, you’ll definitely want more than that. However, if the weather is Snowy then your Ice attackers will get a boost making for a super easy battle.

Using all of this you should know how to beat Rayquaza. These are the best Rayquaza counters in Pokemon GO and should help you take him out and catch him for this special raid weekend.

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