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Pokemon GO Community Day: How to get Shiny Torchic and Blaziken

And get special move Blast Burn

by Kyle Hanson


Another Pokemon GO Community Day is upon us, this time focused on the Gen 3 fire starter Torchic. As usual, the firey character will spawn all around the world for a select few hours on this day, May 19th, 2019. To give you a rundown on all the things going on, as well as tips for how to get the true prize, here’s how to get shiny Torchic and Blaziken on Pokemon GO Community day for May 2019.

What is Community Day and When does it Start

Before we answer that though, we’ve gotta break down the specifics of this Torchic themed Pokemon GO Community Day. As I said, it will happen on May 19th, 2019 which is today. When does it start? 3pm in your local region. It will then go for the next three hours, ending at 6pm local time for you. During those three hours Torchic will spawn much more regularly and be available in shiny form. This is the first time Torchic will appear as a shiny character, and the odds of catching one will be massively increased over the usual. Along with this are a few extra bonuses you can take advantage of for Community Day. Every caught Pokemon will result in triple the usual Stardust, a valuable resource in Pokemon GO. Be sure to use a Star Piece to add a little extra during these special hours. And Lures, including the new special ones, will work for the entire event if added after 3pm.

How to get Shiny Torchic and Blaziken

This one’s much simpler. Catch as many Torchics as you can. Lure up every Poke Stop with regular Lures in order to spawn even more of the little guys. Be sure to at least encounter every single Torchic you see. The more you tap on and “shiny check” as my group calls it, the higher the odds that you end up with a nice selection of them. Shiny Pokemon are specific to the trainer, so just because your friend found one doesn’t mean it will be shiny for you. So tap every Torchic, and if you don’t want to catch them back out. If you’re in a large group of them then you can remember which you checked since they will turn to look in your direction. Any that are looking away, be sure to check to see if they are a shiny Torchic. Once you have some, be sure to evolve them to Combusken and Blaziken either during the event or within the hour after. This will give them Blast Burn, a Community Day exclusive move that is his most powerful attack.

And that’s how to get shiny Torchic and Blaziken on Pokemon GO Community day for May 2019.

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