Pokémon Go Dragonspiral Descent Field Research Rewards & Tasks

Season of Heritage adds Druddigon.

by Joseph DeCupier

The Pokémon GO Dragonspiral Descent event is about to start rolling out all over the world and there’s not a lot of new activities in this event, but it does feature event-exclusive field research with four research tasks and four field research encounters.  To get these tasks in your field section in Pokémon GO you’ll need to spin Pokestops.

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The Dragonspiral Descent Event begins at 10:00 AM Tuesday December 7th, 2021 through 8:00 PM Sunday December 12th, 2021.   As usual these events begin in your local time.

Dragonspiral Descent Field Research Rewards

Here’s a list of all of the Field Research tasks you can find during the Dragonspiral Descent event.  As Field Research goes, you may need to spin Pokestops to get the tasks that you want.

  • Make 3 Nice Curveball Throws in a Row
  • Win a Raid
  • Win a Raid in Under 60 Seconds
  • Win 3 Raids

Dragonspiral Descent Field Research Encounters

  • Shiny Dratini
  • Shiny Deino
  • Shiny Sneasel
  • Shiny Druddigon

And that’s everything you need to know when it comes to the Dragonspiral Descent event in Pokémon GO.  These Field Research tasks will reward you by completing them during the event times listed above.