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Pokémon GO Dratini Spotlight Hour Guide – How to Catch Shiny Dratini

When is it, what is the bonus

by Kyle Hanson


After many weeks of middling offerings Dratini Spotlight Hour is almost here in Pokémon GO. This even has been long anticipated by fans, giving them a chance to catch tons of the powerful Dragon type Pokémon. And with one of the more interesting shiny versions in the game, it’s always important to brush up on tips for how to catch shiny Dratini. To help explain this and more, here’s our Dratini Spotlight Hour guide for Pokémon GO.

Dratini Spotlight Hour Guide

Below we break down the three all important questions surrounding this important event. It’s only an hour long, so every second counts. Be sure you’re ready when it begins in your time zone.

When is Dratini Spotlight Hour

All Spotlight Hours are on Tuesday from 6pm to 7pm with Dratini taking the focus on May 11th. This is a local event, so watch the clock and wait for 6pm on Tuesday and all of the bonuses will trigger at the same time. You’ll then have an hour to enjoy the festivities before it is disabled and things go back to normal.

What is the Dratini Spotlight Hour Bonus

Along with the big bonus of increased Dratini spawns in the wild there is one more thing players can enjoy during the Spotlight Hour event on Tuesday, May 11th. Double transfer candy is the big prize this time, letting you get rid of unwanted Pokémon while receiving two Candy for that species instead of the usual one. If you’ve been saving up and filling your storage with useless characters, now is the time to do a clean up session. But of course, this isn’t the ultimate prize of the day, that would be Shiny Dratini.

How to Catch Shiny Dratini

Shiny Dratini has been available for a long time, but without boosts he can be tough to locate. If you’ve missed the previous Community Day events, or other celebrations that gave us boosted Shiny Dratini chances then now is your time to get to work. The odds won’t be raised, but with so many of the tiny dragon spawning in the wild you have a good chance at catching Shiny Dratini if you play smart. Unless you need the Candy or Dragon type catches you should be encountering (meaning tapping on them in the map) as many Dratini as you can. If they aren’t shiny just back out or catch them quickly then get back to walking and checking.

And that’s our Dratini Spotlight Hour guide for Pokémon GO, including some quick tips for how to catch Shiny Dratini.

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