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Pokemon Go Guide: How To Evolve Pokemon

by Dean James


Pokemon Go has just launched after much anticipation, as Pokemon makes the full leap to mobile with augmented reality. Catching Pokemon is the central gameplay element here, but there are some Pokemon that you’re probably going to need to evolve to get in the game.

You will certainly find some higher evolutionary stage Pokemon on the map, but the vast majority of them are the base level Pokemon, which means you need to evolve them.

With battling being relegated to gyms and there being no true Pokemon leveling system, outside of powering them up, you will have to utilize a little bit different way to evolve your Pokemon.

As we’ve told you in other guides, you need to collect plenty of Candy, as it is the key to evolving your Pokemon. This of course can also be used to power them up, but they are exclusively used for evolving.

These come from catching more and more Pokemon, so you’ll definitely have your choice of which one you actually want to evolve. It’s wise to find one that has a higher CP and the move set that you want. At this point, just like when strengthening your Pokemon, select the Poke Ball on the bottom middle of the screen and then choose Pokemon on the left. At this point, find the Pokemon you want to evolve and then click.

This will bring up their profile, where you will see Power Up as we told you elsewhere. What we want to select is the option under it however, which says Evolve. Obviously if they have already reached their final level, you won’t see an option to Evolve available. The amount of Candy specific to that Pokemon necessary to evolve depends on each individual Pokemon, but if you have enough, select it and you will watch your Pokemon evolve before your eyes.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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