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Pokemon Go Guide: How to Get Pokecoins for Free

| July 7, 2016

Pokemon Go Guide: How to Get Pokecoins for Free GameGuides Mobile  Pokemon Go Guides Pokemon Go Pokemon

Pokemon Go is a free game, but it’s not like they won’t take your money if you’re offering. Nintendo and Niantic have a few microtransactions built into Pokemon Go, allowing players to jump ahead of others by buying Pokecoins. These gold coins can then be used to buy special items, like potions, Pokeballs, and much more. So, with these being so useful, here’s our guide on how to get Pokecoins in Pokemon Go.

You can, of course, just buy some. There are a bunch of different bundles, ranging from a buck all the way up to a hundred dollars. But who wants to do that? The whole point of a free game is that you don’t have to pay for it. So, what do you do if you don’t want to pay?

For that you need to get very familiar with gyms. Here’s our guide on how to battle in Pokemon Go, you’ll probably need it. So essentially, to get Pokecoins, you need to have a gym taken over by your team, then you need to station one of your Pokemon to defend it. You can always take over a gym for yourself, but the idea here is longevity. You want your Pokemon to be in that gym as long as possible, so working together is key.

Once you have your Pokemon guarding a gym your job is over. Each gym that one of your Pokemon is protecting will earn you a “defender bonus”, which should amount to 10 Pokecoins per day. You can do this for up to ten gyms at a time, earning 100 Pokecoins every day.

Some of this could change as the game rolls out worldwide, but it was true in the beta and should remain so for the game at launch. Pokecoins are definitely helpful in becoming the very best, so get out there and take over those gyms.

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  • Aetmi

    & now I’ve to look for a GYM lol

    • Anil Sharma

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      • Dat Teen Who Games

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        At least learn from the thousands of other comments like yours being ignored and write less flashily
        Does anyone still fall for your dumb comments?

        • Susan Armbruster

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          • jabrrmail

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        • Danny Lorraine

          You managed to fall for it by replying to it. That’s a bot. It can’t read what you’re saying to it.

      • Fuck


        • Dragon vs pokemon


    • Jenda21

      There is no way to get FREE PokeCoins – most of these links to pokecoins generators are malware or viruses, however there are two other ways how to earn pokecoins than defending a gym.

      Both ways cost you some time, but you don´t have to travel from gym to gym. First way is through google opinion rewards, but this app doesn´t work yet in my region (Czech Republic).

      The second option is more suitable for me – it is the app FreeMyApps (available at Google Play store) and you can earn credits for testing (install and run / install and complete some action…) new apps (mostly games). You can use my promo code: 1616dd57 to get some bonus credits for the start (will appear in your account once you complete one offer).

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  • Rendimar Alstadt

    I dont know how but I live by a Pokestop and a Gym. xD

    • Upbeat

      YOU.ARE.SO.LUCKY. there was a gym defended by REALLY weak person and i cant claim it since im far away

      • examplesample

        …. can’t you just walk over there?

        • Upbeat

          its 4 miles away. yeah sure ill walk for an hour or more then come back.

          • Clifford Forester

            Yes… that’s the point of this game. Walk over there.

          • Sapa Inca

            you know good and well the game doesnt view up to 4 miles away lmao

          • Upbeat

            yes it does? o.o i literally searched it on google maps and it says its 4 miles away.

          • Ritty

            Hatch those eggs while you get there!

          • Christopher McLaughlin

            Oh no, not walking for a whole hour, you can’t do that, your heart could give out and you could die!!! D: Always be safe when playing pokemon go. Remember, you should stay within’ 400 metres of your house always, this will allow you to catch pokemon in your tracker and also not risk death from over exhaustion. If you need anymore pro tips feel free to ask, it would be my pleasure friend :)

          • Shania Hurley (Batman_Slayz)

            i couldnt stop laughing when i read this comment ?

          • Upbeat

            well its not worth my time… like you read on my previous comment and i dont need ‘pro tips’ since i got to the gym for an hour and forty then swim then bike for 2 hours thats separated around the day. so please :^) take your ‘pro’ tip to yourself.

          • Upbeat

            so i am SOOOOOOO SOOORRRYYY that i dont want to spend 1 hour walking for a GAME.

          • Phil

            The whole point of this game is to walk around and catch pokemon…
            If you don’t want to walk around for a game, you’re playing the wrong one.

          • Dannii

            Some people can’t walk that far what about u ur probably an ugly 30 no 40 year old who talks shit hey I know where ur house is it’s a fucking trash can

          • Shania Hurley (Batman_Slayz)

            i did that too intell one day i was driving with my mom anf theres was like one in eveyy single mcdonalds the post office if u turn it on while ur in the car and occasionally check ur phone ull actually see alot of gyms

          • Phil

            Gotta hatch those eggs somehow.

          • Wow

            Uhhh… It takes the average person 20 minutes to walk 4 miles. I think your fine.

          • Wow

            Wait what I looked it up and it said 20 minutes no its like a little less than an hour

      • Chris

        Get on your bike and ride over there! I used to bike 5 miles a day to a from school. It took me like 45 minutes. Get out there and claim that gym!

        • Upbeat

          yeah 1 gym thats taken like every day, ill pass. If it was a gym barely taken/fought over by the valor and mystic; I would.

    • Kayla

      I do as well, just a few blocks away from me.

    • Retro Ryan

      I live across the street from a gym and 2 pokestops

      • Alex Iz Ded

        lel same

        like literally same

    • Csurams2828

      Same here, don’t even need to leave my front door for either.

    • Josef Robert Hoenzsch

      Philadelphia is crazy – there are like five gyms within a few blocks of me and at least 30 or so Pokestops if not more.

      • xXCraftDaBestXx Gaming

        i have seen 1 gym in alaska so far

        • Greg Hunsicker

          There’s a gym in Wasilla and a gym in Palmer. First one is around Tesoro second one is around cars.

          • ImmortalRabbit

            There are two gyms in Wasilla one is the library and one is at the welcome to Wasilla sign

          • xXCraftDaBestXx Gaming

            awesome thank you, i live in soldotna, but ive only been within a 4 mile square of my house

      • Lester

        Theres so many out here in LA and hollywood literally one on almost every block

      • Jesse Green

        Lucky. I have to drive to get to any Pokestops/gyms (in large part due to the lack of sidewalks in there area, and there’s not enough space to walk on the side if the road)
        Wish I lived in the city instead of the suburbs…

    • kakedsmurff

      I live by 2 gyms and like 8 Pokestops so I’m set! Haha

      • kiddscoop

        I have 2 gyms and 1 poke stop so close! You’re lucky tho :c

    • Jeff

      I live outside of a town that has a pop. of 4000 :( everything is so far….

      • luki

        in a radius of 1 km around me there are 4 gyms and like 15 pokeStops, and i live in a center of 30,000 inhabitants city ^^

      • JD Van Allen

        I’m in a town of 4000 and the historic area is loaded, the new area is not much use

        • Ricky Poullet

          im on my own island stranded and i live of a population of 2 counting me and my friend monkey. with 0 gym and 0 pokestop

          • Rose

            Pretty much same. Nothing about exept roads, theres one pokestop just out of range of my school (i think) but havnt seen any gyms… Looks like its time to travel into the city aha

          • Woodat

            Why bother with the game? Just throw coconuts at the monkey and train him to fight seagulls

      • Izzie

        I live in a town of not even 800 people. There’s one pokestop just down the road from me, and no gyms. But there’s no service in the entire town and you can’t get wifi there so it’s no use even trying ??

    • Jason Valadez

      I have 2 gyms and 2 pokestops within 4 blocks of me lol

    • Nein Danke

      Yeah I can use a gym while i’m inside my room :’D

    • themaninasuitofarmor

      3 blocks from my house

    • xXCraftDaBestXx Gaming

      lol i spawned near both as well, however i was biking and left my phone on, and not w im lost. ???

      • Kara

        can you use the pokestops more than one time or do they disappear after you use them ?

        • Amanda Halbert

          They reset after about 10 minutes or so and you can reuse it.

    • Nova Stardrake

      Boi live by NINE pokestops and three gyms.

    • JD Van Allen

      I can see 4 gyms and 15 pokéstops from my house, sounds like I’m set

    • GavinTheDuck

      I have to walk like a mile to get to my gym, but its worth it since team mystic owns it!

      • Sevencross6954

        TEAM MYSTIC BOII!!!!!!

    • Randy Hall

      I live by 3 pokestops and a gym, 2 of the pokestops and the gym are within 300 yards lel.

    • ryandevil00

      Ive got 4 within a 10 minute walk thankfully

    • Gary Myles

      So do i its only a 5 or so minute bike ride which makes it feel more like pokemon lol.

    • bananaboat

      There’s a gym in my office somehow. The building is big enough I have to walk to the other end, but still… So convenient. There’s another across the street, and like 4 within reasonable walking distance from my house. I’m going to be making bank if they aren’t all taken over yet.

    • Jack Conroy

      I live in Byron bay and I have 3 poke stops and 2 gyms near me

    • Joseph Joestar

      lol im a mile away from 4 pokestops and 3 gyms

    • Tensai55

      I live a few blocks away from a college. I’ve got tons of Pokestops and Gyms around me. 4 of those gyms are on the college campus itself

    • Shania Hurley (Batman_Slayz)

      I literally live across from a pokestop so i could go outside take like 15 steps across the road to the park, i can even spin the icon and get my bonus from my bedroom lol ?

  • Evan Newari Boy Sthapit

    Couldn’t there be coins AS rewards after catching a pokemon? ?

  • PokeCoins

    Get Your Free Poke Coins and Poke Balls to help you with your Pokemon Go Journey @

    • Ciaran

      already there are scams for this game, its a sad world

  • niconiconii

    everyone is saying that they have to travel like 10 miles to get to gyms and pokestops, but like there are at least 10 pokestops outside my house and there are 3 gyms at the ends of my street lmao

  • Kalani Fugate

    If you set a Pokemon to defend a gym do you lose the ability to use that Pokemon in other battles? So do you lose that Pokemon to the gym you take over?

    • Loud FlameKing

      From what I’ve read, when you send a Pokemon to defend a gym, you can’t use it for now, once it’s beaten, it goes back with you to use

  • Halley Spears

    So Lucy I live by no pokestops or gyms, wish I did

    • randomdude

      right the were crap economy, almost non existent tech industry, lack of events, drunken neighbors… really hate the being out in the middle of nowhere….

  • NinjaPenguinYT

    there is literally NOTHING even close to me, not even a pokestop ;-;. Welp im gonna have to go out on a couple car rides far from my house XD

  • Infinosity

    I have 3 gyms about 2 blocks away one in the east one in the south and one on top of my local gamestop

  • עומר פרסלר

    I am living near 5 pokestop and 2 gym

  • Carter Miades

    I have one gym that this team instinct guy and I (Team Mystic) keep fighting over. Its non-stop

  • linklink

    in the beta fuels test we would get 1500 poke coins for just going to the shop everyday. Wichita is cool cause I can use escense and lucky egg to catch poker on and gain more ex. but now they changed it. no bonus for signing in or visiting the shop. as before in the beta

  • Brent Gourley

    There is a gym right by my card shop, but the game keeps crashing.

  • Coins

    My house is a gym and my neighbors is a pokestop wow I never have to leave my house to go to a gym or even my room

  • Marilou Fortin

    I have a pokestop nearby and 2 gyms but there is 1 damn trouble…and it is called no wifi. And I don’t have a cellphone nor a nice bundle as I ruined myself 1 year ago with college…FML

  • Cayley

    U guys with pokestops and gyns r lucky I have nothing around my house :(

  • Caitlin

    I have like 5 pokestops and 2 gyms in walking distance to my house

  • • SlightlyJilly •

    Tip: Use Ingress Intel to find pokéstops
    Because they just reused the portals.

  • That Linx

    man do i have some luck, I live next to 4 poke stops and 2 gyms

  • hi friend, if you want pokemon go coin you can follow this link to gen pokecoin for free:

  • Jax Deeble

    Got tons of stops and two gyms, he game yesterday and I’m loving it, 25 Pokémon already….i dont think I’m doing to bad.

  • Avee

    I live nowhere near a gym. Uh oh.

  • My work is a gym….and all my coworkers play Pokémon Go..

  • Talley

    I live by like three Pokéstops and a gym, but literally no Pokémon spawn near my house or my work soooooo XDDD

  • Ben Brown

    I work at a gym that has a pokemon gym in our break room :)

  • TG

    when you live in a historical place like Lexington MA. pokestops… pokestops everywhere

  • August

    All of the poke stops near me are churches and a post office. The gym is close ish and it’s a park, live in the outskurts of LA! :) almost set

  • dillen

    i live far asf from everything lol

    • May Remixes

      Same I Live In The Middle Of No Where

  • OGKittie

    Is it possible to release Pokémon you’ve caught?

    • Max Patton

      no, but you can transfer them to Professor Willow and get candies.

  • LexyYuumi

    I joined pokemon go yesterday. I love how it makes you really get out there to find pokemon. So lastnight I scouted my town and found like 8 gyms in town and more then an abundance of pokestops. There might not be any within a mile of me but I’m okay with that. I think it’s amazing how many are out there in a town of 2500 people. I think I’m going to try a gym today but i think i will feel more comfortable powering up my pokemon more. So I’m torn between trying a gym or just going around pokestops for more poke balls just so i can continue building up my power. All in all i only have one complaint and that is how small the pokemon are on my camera.

  • A5H

    I live by 2 gyms, here’s 3 poke stops but they’re too far away from my house, luckily 2 are on my walk to school and the other is next to where I walk my dog xD

  • A5H

    I live in England too XD

  • Amanda Lanning

    I just got introduced to this game and not sure how it works yet, can someone help me.

  • John M.

    There’s a gym at my job lol. I’m so lucky.

  • pumacundoonma

    I am close to 2 gyms ( one close to my family dollor and one near a deli) and 4 pokestops ( comic book johns the same deli a police station and a local library) LOL XD

  • Vikram Thiru

    i have to find a gym

  • Anil Sharma

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  • ..Jacob..

    Can someone tell me why i have a gym IN MY GARDEN???!!!??? EVERYONE IS KNOCKING ON MY DOOR BRUH

  • zera

    Yes and you must dowloand and instal 2 apps for this, and that still doesnt work, nice scam

  • James Wakeley

    So i took over a gym, didn’t know about claiming my coins until after it went down. There was nothing in my Bubble after i no longer defended it. Today, i took over a gym, eagerly claimed my 10 coins, then took another gym with a different character. Showed 2 in the bubble, (so i solo had control of both gyms), but won’t give me another 10 coins. Any help?

  • Sebastian Gerritse

    So how does this work because it says “after a day you get pokécoins”, which means you have to control the gym for 24 hours nonstop? Or do you get the reward if you finished as lasted seen gym-leader of that day? Or do you also get pokécoins if you have been a pokemon gym leader for a moment but get kicked of your thrown the moment you leave… Vague!

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  • Luke Alexander

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  • PokemonGO
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  • Phil

    Real time locations of pokemon, as per sightings on other peoples phones. 100% legitimate, if it says the pokemon is there, IT’S THERE!

    no sign up needed, no credit card details, just a great website for finding elusive pokemon nearby.

  • Rini Falam

    yesterday my poke coins exploded from that i can buy more items. Though that was my lucky day .lol

  • Cherry27

    This shit does not work

  • Cherry27

    I’ve been on so many and nothing work every time I check no pokecoins or poke balls

  • reooooooooob

    Yall lucky, there are no gyms or pokestops in my town :c

  • sundayholiday

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  • Tae

    Do you have to be a gym leader or just have a Pokemon is the gym for a defenders bonus?

  • Rinkun

    I always end up buying Pokecoins. It’s just so tempting.

  • herballife311

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  • They might fix this soon so better hurry!

    • Dat Teen Who Games

      Pls kill urself. Much thanks

  • Bogdan Manea

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  • Jenda21

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  • Shihori Hara

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    • Dat Teen Who Games

      Jesus u guys dont let up. Noones going to fall for that lol.

      • Shihori Hara

        Did you try it? Dat Teen. IT is still working! Yes it is offer but they give coins!

  • Isayes C

    I can only get 10 pokecoins per day it won’t let me get more.

  • Yannick De Mal

    What is the minimum cp that your pokemon has to be to be able to last a while in a gym. I usually put my strongest one in , a +-500 cp vaporeon. I know, I suck at this game

  • Leokoohler

    Is that the only way?
    Or … Just get them?

  • Nobody nobody

    I have to go outside my door and there’s the pokestop… The gym is in my room xD

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