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Pokemon Go Guide: How to Hatch Eggs Fast

Updated by Kyle Hanson


Eggs, ever since breeding was introduced to Pokemon, they have been the bane of every trainer’s existence. Still, they’re a really fun and important aspect of the game, they can just get pretty tedious. If this was true of the other games, it is especially true of Pokemon Go, where hatching eggs actually requires you to physically move yourself around the world. And not just a short distance either, you actually have to travel 2 kilometers at the bare minimum. So, to help with this difficult task we’ve made this guide for how to hatch eggs fast in Pokemon Go.

The secret here is pretty much the same as in the base games: get a vehicle. Your two feet carry you only so fast. A bicycle however will get you going quickly and efficiently. A car is even better. Now, it is very, very important that you not play Pokemon Go while you are driving, and especially not on populated roadways. However, if you are a passenger it can do wonders for you.

For the bike you can just open up Pokemon Go on your phone and make sure it stays running as you bike around. You’ll probably even catch a few nice Pokemon on your trip. For the car there are some important things to keep in mind, and I want to reiterate that you really should not play the game as you drive, or you might get yourself or someone else hurt.

So, if you are being safe and you are simply a passenger, here’s the big trick. You can’t be going too fast or Pokemon Go won’t count you as moving at all. Try to keep it open the whole time, as you never know when you’ll be slowing down. But the big key is to have Pokemon Go running while you move slowly, like under 30mph. This usually happens in dense neighborhoods, or on heavy traffic roads. If you’re stuck as a passenger in stop-and-go traffic then you’d better have Pokemon Go out and running.

Finally you can keep your efficiency up by hatching multiple eggs at the same time. You start the game with an infinite use Pokemon Go egg hatcher. You can earn more via level bonuses or by purchasing them from the store. These are limited use, but just make sure that you always have eggs in there or you’re just wasting steps.

There’s unfortunately no way to delete eggs from your inventory just yet, so you have to hatch them all. Longer mileage Pokemon Go eggs usually hatch better Pokemon, but you’ll have to hatch all your eggs eventually, so just try to work through them however works best for you.

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- This article was updated on March 8th, 2018 at 3:21 pm
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