Pokemon Go Guide: How to Make or Join a Team

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Pokemon Go allows players to form up into teams, taking on Gyms and helping each other out in times of need. Of course, when this was revealed many players thought they’d be making their very own Team Rocket, or some other type of organization. The real thing is a bit less complicated though. Players are asking how to make a team in Pokemon Go and the short answer is that you can’t.

Unfortunately there are only three teams in Pokemon Go: Red, Blue, and Yellow, or Mystic, Valor, and Instinct respectively. You cannot actually make a team yourself, but you can join one of these three. The process is pretty simple, but it’s important to know the steps if you want to get further in the game.

To join a team in Pokemon Go you need to first reach level 5. This is pretty low, so it shouldn’t be tough to do. Just catch all the Pokemon that you can and stop by as many Pokestops as possible. This should level you up quick, and should only take an hour or two at most, if you’re in a highly populated area.

Once you’re at level 5 just head to the closest gym. Once you’re there you should be prompted to join one of the three teams in the game. After that you’re all set. You’ll be able to take over gyms, or help defend those that are already controlled by your team. We’ll have more guides to explain the intricacies of this, so keep checking back for more info.

Pokemon Go is a very complex game with a lot of mechanics to worry about. Hopefully we can help with any questions you have. Be sure to let us know in the comments if there are any guides that you think would help you in your Pokemon adventures.

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