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Pokemon Go Guide: How to Make or Join a Team

| July 7, 2016

Pokemon Go Guide: How to Make or Join a Team GameGuides Mobile  Pokemon Go Guides Pokemon Go Pokemon

Pokemon Go allows players to form up into teams, taking on Gyms and helping each other out in times of need. Of course, when this was revealed many players thought they’d be making their very own Team Rocket, or some other type of organization. The real thing is a bit less complicated though. Players are asking how to make a team in Pokemon Go and the short answer is that you can’t.

Unfortunately there are only three teams in Pokemon Go: Red, Blue, and Yellow, or Mystic, Valor, and Instinct respectively. You cannot actually make a team yourself, but you can join one of these three. The process is pretty simple, but it’s important to know the steps if you want to get further in the game.

To join a team in Pokemon Go you need to first reach level 5. This is pretty low, so it shouldn’t be tough to do. Just catch all the Pokemon that you can and stop by as many Pokestops as possible. This should level you up quick, and should only take an hour or two at most, if you’re in a highly populated area.

Once you’re at level 5 just head to the closest gym. Once you’re there you should be prompted to join one of the three teams in the game. After that you’re all set. You’ll be able to take over gyms, or help defend those that are already controlled by your team. We’ll have more guides to explain the intricacies of this, so keep checking back for more info.

Pokemon Go is a very complex game with a lot of mechanics to worry about. Hopefully we can help with any questions you have. Be sure to let us know in the comments if there are any guides that you think would help you in your Pokemon adventures.

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  • How do you make a gym or join one ?

    • Harvester

      You dont. The gyms are already set as landmarks in the world. U simply need to go there. If u r lvl 5+you can attack if the gym is held by another team or defend of its held by yours.

    • Leah Renée

      There are gyms scattered around your area. But, before you go walking all the way to one (like I did) make sure your a level 5+ or else it won’t let you battle

    • Poke


  • Jordsterking

    What is the point of taking over a gym? Why would I battle a red gym if I am red?

    • Chris_killa8

      If you take over a gym your team earns points, and you defend a gym and train pokemon at one that’s not yours, that then makes them stronger for future use

    • Alexjander Eshman

      When you have your own gym with your team, as in the red gym since red took over, you can battle other teammates pokemon to train them to become stronger

  • BionicLui

    I live in an area that is not so populated wot do I do my data is horrible I don’t think there are any gyms close by so should I stop playing this game

    • Morgan

      Try join a FB area fan page, people in the group will organise to meet up and play ☺

    • Victoria Shepherd

      a store can be a GYM

  • Xonix

    an hour to reach lvl 5? Its day 2 and im lvl 4 and a half…what do they mean highly populated?

    • A1C Rosenberg

      new york city, la, boston, london, etc

    • CplDiablo

      Coral springs, Fl. Me and my wife got hers to level 6 in an hour and a half. Incense and pokespots, poke lure if you e it on one of the pokespots helps too.

      • Andre Simoes

        Where in coral springs may I ask, I’m on coral ridge and Atlantic and the only pokestop I can find is the chabad Jewish center haha

    • Aaron Bush

      im lvl 5 after staying at home captured a few pokestops with really shitty phone, lucky i can use my mums ipad mini to play. i hit it 1min ago, and started playing once it was live here in australia, the second place to go live after NZ

  • Georgia

    So my friend and I (both team yellow) just won battles in a red gym defeating all of its ‘owners’ except when we got to the last battle our phone screens simply froze on the picture attached and we had to exit and start the game as nothing happened. we could still fire at the fish in the middle but it stopped firing back and yeah…. Help us :'(

    • Xonix

      Same thing happened to me now…just bombed out..I think server issues again

    • Ash

      That’s a Goldeen, bro

    • MythTrainerMatt

      Same thing happened to us last night. There must be a time limit or something

      • Billy

        Well that could be it, but my brother and I actually beat our opponents (Well… he did. I kind of got wrecked) with about a minute to spare, and the last pokemon just
        DIE!!!! (read: Faint)

  • John

    How to leave a gym?

    • Osso

      You can’t…it only leaves when your Pokemon gets defeated

  • John

    How to join another gym?

  • PokeCoins

    Get Your Free Poke Coins and Poke Balls to help you with your Pokemon Go Journey @

  • Fuat Yağız AYDIN

    Im lvl 5 now and still i havent a team … how can i join?

    • Adam

      you get the prompt to pick a team after interacting with a gym at lvl 5+

      • Fuat Yağız AYDIN

        i did and i join a team after this. but when i attack GYM he have 1hp and immortal … O.o he is blue team im red. and really he killed my 6 pokemon with 1hp O.o

        • MJ

          Its a known glitch. It will be fixed eventually i assum

  • Adam

    I’m sure its possible to reach level 5 in an hour. it took me all night but i wasnt walking downtown where there were over a dozen stops in close proximity. the only problem is taht the game crashes often after interactions and can be hard to connect and load. after the servers and bugs are sorted out im sure that it will be much smoother. If anyone is having trouble with loading and crashing you can try to disable gps before launching game then enable after you are all loaded. you can also disable the AR to reduce lag and maybe chances of crashing. maybe not obviously, if a pokemon has 3 footprints then it is far, 2 is closer, 1 is really close (im sure there is an estimated meter for the distance stated somewhere or you can get the feel for it), and none means that you can interact with it on the map and catch it. Last tip, if you want to track a pokemon click it in the nearby tab so you circle it then tab out and there should be a sort of blink if you are moving towards it.

  • Corey

    Where abouts is a gym in Gladstone, Queensland?

    • Si

      looks like there’s one off archer street near where “Malu Wanderers Camping Hire” is on google maps. dunno otherwise.

  • Evan Clark

    How can I leave a team?

    • Taylor Randall Caldwell

      As of right now there is no way to leave a team.

  • Shri Vardhan Harsh

    I am on level 6 …. nd travelled a lot of kms but haven’t found even a single gym or pokestop…plz help.

    • Taylor Randall Caldwell

      Generally, gyms and pokestops are located at places like monuments, parks and other public attractions.

      • Shri Vardhan Harsh

        I have been through almost complete city …. but not a single dude! ….I think they forgot to place pokestop in India?

        • Samuel

          There aren’t in India because it’s not out yet in India. Where did you downloaded the app?

          • Ana

            it’s not yet in Macedonia either, but we are playing it, and there are gyms like everywhere :)

          • Hristijan

            I am from Macedonia too… and i am level 5… i can not see any ppkestops or gyms ao i could join a team… in which city you live?

        • jin

          Working fine in India. I am able to see plenty of pokestops & Gym in my city(Coimbatore).

        • Girish Prasad Sahu

          I am in Bangalore and there are atleast 20 stops near my home in Whitefield.

        • pyromjm

          The pokestops are what were portals in Ingress — so Macedonia must have them because Ingress had portals there. I guess India never got Ingress?

  • mircea007

    How do you leave a gym

  • Anna

    What do the leaves mean?

    • Sam

      Join another gym

      • Sam

        How to join another team in a different gym???

    • Trent Clark

      It means a Pokemon is close by that soot

  • Tarzan

    How do you assign a Pokémon to a gym with your color? I’ve been there to train but can’t seem to figure out how to assign a Pokémon

  • Enzo Scarnecchia

    How do you switch teams?

    • Taylor Randall Caldwell

      At this time you are not able to change teams. You are locked in to the team you chose.

  • Daneilap

    Hey. I am on the yellow team, and I went to a yellow gym today and lost a fight with my 1 Drowzee against their 2 pokemon. What would have happened if I won? Would I have joined them? Would be awesome to know, thanks.

  • Rohan Nagpal

    i am at level 5 now and i am not getting any popup of joining any team. what to do ?
    how to join a team ? and i want to ask that gyms will onlly display at level 5 ? or they can be seen at map before level 5 also ?

    • disqussucks

      You have to go to a gym to get the prompt to join a team. The gyms are visible before you are level 5. If you click on them, you get a message saying to come back when you are level 5.

  • Nugget

    I’m so confused…I’m team red/valor and at a red gym but I can’t add my Pokemon to defend it. Does anyone know how to?

    • I haven’t gotten that far but if it’s anything like Ingress, there’s a limit to the number of spots. Ingress only allows for 8 crystals per portal. Pokemon Go is made by the same people, so it might be that that particular gym has reached the limit for adding pokemon. Meaning only eight pokemon can be added to the gym to defend it. Take that with a grain of salt though. As I said, I haven’t got that far yet.

  • Klingon8675309

    My question is what do the teams stand for? I mean, what are their ideologies; why should I join, say blue, and not red?

    • Taylor Randall Caldwell

      The teams are named “Instinct, Mystic and Valor” and are yellow, blue and red respectively. There’s nothing particularly different between them but you might want to monitor your area before choosing a team and decide accordingly. For example, in my area the red team generally holds the most gyms so joining red would be more of a “support” type play. Choosing blue would be more of an attempt to overtake certain areas and choosing yellow would be a (fruitless) “offensive” type of play. (Lol)

  • Thirteen

    can i change teams?

    • Taylor Randall Caldwell

      No, once you join a team you are locked in.

  • Bluewings

    Aw there are no gyms near me :(

  • Jesse Galloway

    Why is there no battle system like we saw in the previews for this game? Really disappointed that we were lead on so hard about that.

  • Tinfoil666

    All the guides should help lol don’t pretend to be new at feedback….give us a legit explanation of everything like we all know you can…. Don’t front (fuck with us) …. I’m a spender of my money… And I know you don’t really need it… Hurry up please (^.^)

    sincerely… Tinfoil666

    PS. Bitch Please… <—- slang (^.^)

    • jmonster

      I joined the yellow team but i wanted to join blue is their a way i can change teams.

  • Mitchell Novak

    Red is valor and blue is mystic. I’m sure you knew that but in the article it says red blue and yellow or mystic valor and instinct respectively

    • jmonster

      I joined the yellow team but i wanted to join blue is their a way i can change teams

  • Adam Johnson

    I reached lvl 5 and i am not sure how to join a team.. its saying no team.. how do you set a team???

  • Gabby

    What if I live in a unpopulated area?

  • Savannah Garland

    Can you leave a team if you accidentally joined one you didnt want to?

  • Shreyas Gaikwad

    No gyms in my area!! Wat to do..?
    I have reached level 5

  • Nikhil Nellapalli

    I didn’t get a team battle option why??

  • Megan

    How do I join a team if I wasn’t prompted to do so?

  • Steve94621

    I accidentally joined a team while out of town and on vacation and now that I’m back home, the nearby gyms keep saying that I’m too far. Is there a way to leave a team so I can join one back near my home?

  • Matt Burgess

    Mine says no team and won’t allow me to join one and I’m level 7

  • Maddy

    Me and my boyfriend want to join a team but he lives in sturgeon bay wi and i live in green bay wi how can i join a team with him?

  • Jessica Wright

    Mystic is blue

  • Richard Allen

    Ok so I’m lvl 6 but haven’t seen anything to join team .

  • Cristina Aporto

    So I’m on level 8, and I’m still not able to join a team. Can anyone help?

  • didik suntoro

    Can we make party to defeat the gym leader ?
    How to do it ?

  • lolz

    Can you exit a team and go in anouther?

  • Karen Richards

    I am a mother’s helper and let the 9 yo I watch play the game. He joined a team without asking me, how can I leave a team if I wanted to be on a different team?

  • Kitty Mervine

    also there appears to be a unofficial, but awfully fun, TEAM ROCKET!

  • Jdowvdkz

    Can you quit a gym/ team?????

  • Ryan

    Ok so now that I know how to compete in my gym what if I leave it than can I battle still or am I just stuck because I live in the country

  • Hannah Weekly

    How to you leave a team?

  • Ibi

    Why am i not getting an option to join a team even
    After leveling up to 5

  • sunny

    I am from india and i am unable to see any pokystops or gyme here gps is not working perfectly

  • Neathan44

    How do I leave a team?

  • Pedro

    How can I change teams

  • Tomateo

    I’m on the blue team and their is a blue gym. It won’t let me add my Pokemon because my gym is level 3? Why is this?

  • Amit Bhandari

    I am reached at level 6 and still not have any option to join any team. Why??

  • Victoria Shepherd

    tonight I had THREE pokemons I was STANDING right on them BUT nothing happened what did I do wrong

  • Hussain 53

    Can we change name?

  • alex zober

    How to quit from a team?

  • sheel bhatt

    I’m from india.How can i find gym in my city but there are no one who is playing this game.

  • Jacob Vance

    can i choose not to join a team at all? and if so how will that effect my gameplay?

  • Ananya Das

    how to leave a team ? I mistakenly joined Velor, now i want to join Mystic.. how to do that?

  • Mallory

    So im now lv 7 and on numerous occasions tryed to get into the gym my character disapears for a few.moments then returns….i dont get to choose a team let alone challenge the gym….my question, why wont it let me choose a team?

  • Lucy Florian

    All my kids are blue team and I am red. Can I switch to blue

  • Julia

    Is it the same gym everywhere like say your join a team from another town and then you go back to your own town is it the gym there and here

  • Samuel

    How to get poke balls

  • Rhyz

    How do you leave a team

  • Rhy5eee

    How do you leave a team

  • Boorhan Dosani

    I don’t understand. In my neighborhood there is a gym near a landmark. But the icon of the gym is red. Does this mean it is a gym belonging to the red team? And that I will have to join the red team if I want to train there without fighting for it?
    I’m still on level 1 so I’m not sure how it works. Are all gyms universal until a team claims them? Or are the gyms allocated to a team?

  • Jessamessa

    I’m at level 5, and haven’t been asked to join a team. Does anyone know why? I’ve been at level 5 for a while now. I don’t play very much because I live out in the boonies so only get to really play when we go to town.

  • Jessamessa

    But I have been in a major city since reaching level 5, so it can’t be a signal issue.

  • Elliot

    Once you are on a team, can you quit the team to join a different one?

  • Courtney Pickford

    How do you leave the team you have joined

  • Elliot

    Ya? I don’t know either

  • Novira Silmi Sabila

    can i quit from my team? my friend accidentaly
    click the team and not asking my permission :(

  • Asia

    I just got to level six and the only thing I can do is catch Pokemon, I can’t even join a team.

  • Ambitiousgirl

    How do I leave the team/gym that I have joined?

  • Zohaib Alam

    Can I leave a team and join another, like leave blue team and join red instead?

  • Nan Mason

    my phone froze during picking the colour now it put me on a team i dont want to be on, what can i do

  • Alexthefig

    How do you make a battle team Pokemon vs Pokemon which is captive vs wild



  • venkatesh vicky

    How to leave the team

  • Traviollie

    I picked the blue team not sure how the battling works.. up the street from me the only gym nearby is blue like mine, I went by its full up with three people, not sure why it had me fight them though? Am I doing that to take my own teammates spot? I ended up losing .. ha

  • nighwing

    im team mystic but i cant battle for my own team. whenever i enter a mystic gym all i can do is battle the gym. i’ve only entered one other gym. why is this happening?!?!

  • Traviollie

    I think we are having the same problem? .. I don’t understand why I’m fighting fellow mystic members I went there to try and get the defense bonus, its full with three people.. so does that mean I can’t go to it? It had me fight against another mystics vaporeon.. ?

  • Shreadhead13

    I’m part of the red team and the gym by me is owed by the red team I’m level 9 and I can’t help defend the gym only fight it why is that?

  • Noa Pukini

    Okay, I’m a little bit confused when I go to attack a gym I see three different Pokemon for three different players I have to defeat but when I take over the gym I only have one Pokemonto defend it. How can other people put their Pokemon in my gym to defend it?

  • Noa Pukini

    Okay, I’m a little bit confused when I go to attack a gym I see three different Pokemon for three different players I have to defeat but when I take over the gym I only have one Pokemonto defend it. How can other people put their Pokemon in my gym to defend it?

  • owl

    Oh my gosh this helped me so much! I didn’t know how to get the prompt for joining the teams! Thankyou!!

  • Natacha Bagão

    All the gyms in my area have pokemons with 500 or more CP. My best pokemon has 117 cp. I cannot train my pokemons like in the Nintendo games. What can I do to up my cp level??

  • Atousa Gh

    how do I find the gyms near me?! is there a map in the game or?! ?

  • Atousa Gh

    how do I find the location of the gyms?

  • TheLostFan

    I have reached level five and it hasn’t asked me to join a tea

  • rtz

    can you get out of a team and join another one?

  • Jessica Fess

    How do you join a gym that’s your team but already has three people representing it? I’ve noticed some gyms have more than three people at it but it won’t let me join when there’s already three people.

    • Dj

      Increase that gyms level by battling it and increase its xp and prestige but there is not point in playing the game anymore tracking is down pokevison and pokehound are down and pokeradar is next game is going to die Niantic shot pokemon go then stabbed it we are screwed

  • HRK Kuriya


  • Sonia Araújo

    How to create pokemon compani account

  • Jake C

    Hi im from GB and im a bit of a noob im only level 3 and half and I hve been playing for 3 days and I went out yesterday to 3 pokestops before I had no data. LMAO

  • Guyan

    I’m thinking of joining team red or yellow
    Which one should I pick

  • Yasuo

    How do you level up easily?

  • Jerry Eduardo Bonagua

    i wasnt able to pick a team after leveling to 5 because of battery drain and suddenly turn off. Would i be able to pick a team when i level-ip to 6?

  • Simonkari

    Team mystic

  • Simonkari

    I want to join team mystic

  • Emergoization

    Vailor mystik instinct

  • Cherry

    I got to level 5 but nothing happened, prof. Willow hasn’t spoken to me. No gyms have popped up, what happened!?!?

  • Geejay60

    I joined the yellow team ages ago and just won my first gym. It said I don’t have a team and the gym is white?? Do you know why it didn’t recognise my team? Is there something I have to do?

  • Rae Francis Reyes

    can i out of a team once i joined?

  • Vanessa

    I will never join a team in pokemon go

  • Josh The Pokemon Trainer

    How Do You Join A Gym When You Live In A Area With No Gym In Sight?

  • Malak

    How do you enter the eevee friendly in Pokemon global link

  • Randall Tolentino

    Why can pokemon go have team rocket as one that you can join ? Team Rocket Legendary pokemon is Mewtwo since their organization created it splicing mew genes to create a more powerful pokemon. I would rather join team rocket than the other teams

  • hitesh odedara

    I am at level 5 but i dont know where is a gym so how can find it

  • Shakti Patel

    I my area no gym is available anywhere so what can I do

  • Shakti Patel

    In my area no gym is available anywhere so what can I do

  • Shakti Patel

    In my area no gym is available anywhere so what can I do for join a team in Pokemon Go

  • Nikhil Sharma

    I dont have any gym nearby its really at a long distance from the place where i live . So any suggestions for creating a gym nearby my place ??

  • Oscar Furuseth Kopreitan

    How to swift team om pokemon go

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