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Pokemon Go Guide: How To Stay A Gym Leader

The main goals of every mainline Pokemon game are to catch Pokemon that you will then raise to fight Gym Leaders and receive badges to then take on the Elite Four and become a Pokemon champion. This is the basis for the new Pokemon Go mobile game, though gyms are handled quite differently.

We’ve already told you about how to actually conquer and take over a gym in Pokemon Go, but now we’re here with some tips for you to maintain control of said gym, while also not crippling your team.

As we said prior, after taking over a gym, you have the option to place any of your Pokemon there, which others can then come and challenge to try and defeat them.

Your first instinct would be to instantly put your strongest Pokemon here, and that is probably the wisest decision to fend off the opposition. However, also think about the fact that you’re giving up one of your strongest Pokemon that you could use to take down other gyms as well just to watch over. This is really a decision that will come down to personal choice on who you want to stick there.

The other thing to really think about is what Pokemon type would be best suited there. Think about where you are located and the types of Pokemon you most frequently see. If you are seeing an abundance of Pidgeottos and Pidgeots in other gyms nearby, it’d probably be a good idea to avoid putting a Grass Pokemon there due to its weakness to Flying types. You can never predict what Pokemon someone will have, but you can at least try to build a possible strategy for some scenarios.

Otherwise, if you don’t have any good guesses here, putting your Pokemon with the highest CP and HP can be the best option if you have other Pokemon to use elsewhere, as they will be toughest to take down. With Poke Coins on the line for holding down a gym, you’ll definitely want to try to keep control of gyms as long as you can.

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