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Pokemon GO: How to Battle Team Leaders

Need some PvP practice?

by Kyle Hanson


After years of anticipation, Pokemon GO finally has PvP battles. Of course, a lot of the time you won’t have a fellow trainer to fight with, but there’s still an option available. Each of the three team leaders is available for a battle. You’ll want to fight them too, since they drop some really nice items and you can battle them once a day. Here’s how to battle Team Leaders in Pokemon GO.

The option to fight Team Leaders in Pokemon GO is a bit hidden away. While regular trainer battles are in your player screen, the fights against Team Leaders is hidden within the Nearby radar. Tap this in the bottom right then tap the Battle tab, which is brand new and will only appear if you’ve updated the app. Here you can choose which of the three Team Leaders to battle against.

Once you choose, you now pick which league to go for. Great, Ultra, and Master Leagues are available, with each offering progressively better rewards, as well as letting you use higher CP Pokemon. Once you’ve chosen your League you will pick your team and head into battle. The fighting is pretty standard, so good luck against these somewhat tough opponents.

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