Pokemon GO: How to Beat Dialga with the Best Counters

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Another month has come to a close, which means it’s time for a brand new Legendary Raid in Pokemon GO. Niantic’s super popular mobile game has been cycling through all the various characters each month, with Palkia having been available all through February 2019. March is just around the corner though, and with it will come Dialga, the other Legendary creature from Gen 4. Starting at 1pm on March 1st and going until March 28th, Dialga will appear in raids around the world, but how do you beat him? Here’s how to beat Dialga with the best counters in Pokemon GO.

Dialga is a dual type Pokemon, featuring Steel and Dragon. As usual, this does open your team up to a lot of counters, limiting choices. However, it also means he has some pretty massive weaknesses you can exploit. Fighting Pokemon are going to decimate Dialga every single time, and while you might have to churn through a lot of revives and potions to get them back into fighting shape, you will be able to beat and catch him with the right team. Here’s the best counters along with their ideal moveset.

Machamp – Counter and Dynamic Punch
Hariyama – Counter and Close Combat
Blaziken – Counter and Focus Blast
Heracross – Counter and Close Combat
Lucario – Counter and Close Combat

A few alternative choices depending on the weather and Dialga’s moveset include Breloom and Toxicroak with Counter and Dynamic Punch, or Groudon with Mud Shot and Earthquake. If you’re struggling to put together a team of solid counters just search for your best Fighting type Pokemon and use them. They may get taken out quickly, but you’ll deal enough damage to secure a victory and some extra Premier Balls.

And that’s how to beat Dialga with the best counters in Pokemon GO. Who will be coming at the end of March? Check back to find out.

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