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Pokémon GO – How to Catch Sewaddle During Friendship Day

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by Kyle Hanson


The “sewing Pokémon” Sewaddle, one of the rarest species in all of Pokémon GO, will be available to all players for a very limited time during the Friendship Day event. In fact, they appear so rarely that most players have likely not even added their entry in the Pokédex, let alone catch enough to actually evolve it into Swadloon or Leavanny. So, with so little time to get it, here’s a quick rundown of how to catch Sewaddle in Pokémon GO during the Friendship Day event.

How to Catch Sewaddle in Pokémon GO

Thankfully, unlike some recent releases of rare species in Pokémon GO, Sewaddle won’t be too tough to find. There’s no special place you need to go or research you have to complete. As part of the Friendship Day event Sewaddle will be appearing in the wild for all to catch. However, as they are a rare spawn you likely won’t see them popping up all over the place like Bulbasaur or Sunkern. So, here’s some tips to maximize the three hours you have to get it.

As we explain in our Friendship Day event guide, Incense and Lures activated during the celebration will last for a full 3 hours. As these will increase the amount of already boosted wild spawns for event-exclusive species, which includes Sewaddle, this is the best way to catch one during the event. Use an Incense at when things kick off at 11am on Saturday in your time zone and you’ll have it active the whole time. And if you can sit next to a Poké Stop with a Lure on it then you’ll be flooded with event spawns.

So, in short, keep an Incense and Lure active and be sure to play for the full 3 hours of the event. This is by far the best method for how to catch Sewaddle in Pokémon GO during the Friendship Day event.

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