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Pokemon GO: How to Catch Shiny Machop and Mankey

You need to act fast

by Kyle Hanson


For only a brief moment in time Pokemon GO was not featuring any live events, but that ended just a few moments ago with the announcement of a new one focused on fighting. PvP, trainer battles, and more are the main idea behind the Pokemon GO Battle Showdown event, which began just a few moments ago. Of course, the real stars are the two new shiny Pokemon that you can get. Here’s how to get shiny Machop and Mankey in Pokemon GO.

During the Battle Showdown event you’ll see a lot more of these guys spawning around. This means not only their regular versions, but also their shiny variants. The odds of finding a shiny Machop or Mankey are much higher during this event, so you will want to get out there and take advantage. The Battle Showdown event is live right now (as of this article) and will end on March 12th at 1pm Pacific Time.

So, how do you catch a shiny Machop and Mankey? You play as much as possible during this window in time. Once a shiny is introduced in Pokemon GO it typically sticks around, but the odds drop dramatically if there isn’t a specific event like this going on. Currently you will likely need to encounter a couple dozen Machop or Mankey to find a shiny version, but once the event ends it’s going to take hundreds, possibly thousands.

Eggs also offer increased shiny chances, so try to clear out your inventory and fill it back up with ones earned during the event. Whatever you’ll find inside is determined when you get the egg, but you’ll want to hatch before the end of the event to enjoy the increased shiny odds. And while this event just started, we’re still gathering info, but if Machop or Mankey are featured in raids you will surely want to participate. The odds of finding a shiny are much higher from Pokemon earned in raids.

The same is true for Pokemon earned through research rewards. So far the Catch 5 Fighting-type Pokemon task has been shown to give you a Machoke (which unfortunately can’t be shiny), with more possibly being discovered in the coming days. Be sure to earn and complete these tasks then redeem them to see if you get a shiny Machop or Mankey before the event ends.

And that’s all the tips and tricks for how to get shiny Machop and Mankey in Pokemon GO. Get out there and take advantage of the event while you can.

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