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Pokemon GO: How to Catch Shiny Scyther

Shiny Scyther is out there to catch

by Kyle Hanson


Once again it is time for a brand new Pokemon GO event, which typically means there’s a new shiny to hunt. The event began only moments ago, and features bug type Pokemon, along with some additional bonuses. While everything leading up to the event featured Scyther in a starring role, it was only minutes ago that it was confirmed he would be available as a shiny from now on. So here’s how to catch shiny Scyther in Pokemon GO.

Of course, the best answer is to catch as many Scyther as possible in the game. During the event, which lasts from April 2nd to April 9th at 4pm Eastern Time, Scyther and other bug type Pokemon will appear more readily. For this week you will want to be out catching as much as possible if you want to get that shiny Scyther. If you’re low on supplies, such as Poke Balls and Razz Berries, just encounter them by tapping them on your screen to see if they are shiny. You can see what a shiny Scyther looks like above, but there will also be a sparkle and a special symbol next to the name to indicate that you have encountered a shiny Pokemon.

Outside of catching every Scyther you come across, there’s not a ton more to it. There are special bug type research quests that will offer up new spawns. Some of these may include Scyther, so we will update as the community explores them. Be sure to also make use of the bonuses that are live during the event, such as double Incense time length and extra spawns. If you’re out catching, you might as well use an Incense to increase the number of shiny Scyther you might encounter.

That’s the best tips for how to catch shiny Scyther in Pokemon GO. Be sure to share your tricks in the comments below.

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