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Pokemon GO: How to Catch Shiny Solrock and Lunatone

Two new shiny Pokemon are here, but only in certain areas.

by Kyle Hanson


Yesterday saw the start of a brand new event in Pokemon GO, and with it came a few surprises. Grass type Pokemon are spawning like crazy all over the world, there’s bonuses to take advantage of, but the real story are the two new shiny Pokemon that have appeared in the game. Solrock and Lunatone now offer their shiny variants to lucky trainers who encounter them, but to get them you’ll need to work pretty hard. Here’s how to catch shiny Lunatone and Solrock in Pokemon GO.

First off, the start of this new Equinox event saw these two region exclusive Pokemon switch hemispheres. This means that where you used to find Solrock you will now see Lunatone, and vice versa. Currently Solrock spawns in the Americas and Africa and Lunatone in Europe and Asia. Unfortunately they have not had their spawns boosted during the event, so finding a shiny version is gonna be extra tough this time.

Shiny rates have also not been altered for the event, so the answer to how to catch shiny Lunatone and Solrock in Pokemon GO is simply to play as much as possible. You don’t need to rush out for the event, which ends on March 26th at 4pm Eastern Time, as your chances of running into either shiny Solrock or Lunatone aren’t any higher now than they will be a week later.

What you do need to keep in mind though is that these two typically spawn at different times of the day, corresponding to their appearance. Solrock is the sun, so he’ll appear more during the day. Lunatone is a moon so you’ll find him more at night. They are both boosted by Windy and Partly Cloudy weather, so try to look for this when you’re shiny hunting.

Beyond that it’s just a matter of catching as many as possible to find a shiny. These aren’t too different looking, so be sure to check for the shiny symbol when encountering them. Lunatone’s eye is blue for a shiny, while Solrock is a deeper orange/red color. But that’s all the tips for how to catch shiny Lunatone and Solrock in Pokemon GO.

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