Pokemon GO: How to Check Your Pokemon’s IV

Here's how to check your Pokemon's stats.

by Noah Nelson


Stats in Pokemon GO translate to something called individual value, or IV. Not all Pokemon have the same stats, so knowing which Pokemon are better than others is important to conserving your candy and evolving Pokemon that aren’t that strong. The main stats boil down to Attack, Defense, and Stamina which all max out at 15. These stats aren’t especially clear on the Pokemon GO app, so knowing your Pokemon’s IV is as close as you can get to knowing how powerful it is.

How to Check Pokemon IV?

You can check your Pokemon’s IV by opening the menu, clicking the Pokemon you want to check, and clicking Appraise. After doing that, your team leader will scan your Pokemon and tell you its IV. The way that you tell the percentage of the IV scan is through this metric:

  • Red Stamp and Three Stars: 100% IV
  • Orange Stamp and Three Stars: 80-99% IV
  • Two Stars: 66-80% IV
  • One Star: 50-65% IV

Pokemon stats are important, especially for raids. Knowing your Pokemon’s IV will help you know which Pokemon is ready to fight and win. If your Pokemon is at 100% IV, it has 15 Attack, 15 Defense, and 15 Stamina. Where it gets tricky is any percentage lower than 100%, the game doesn’t tell you what stats are what. You could have an IV of 71% but the Stamina might be 15, the Attack 7, and the Defense 10.

If you’re looking for your Pokemon’s exact stats, you’ll need to go to some outside sources. The Silph Road has an IV checker that is more accurate and, if you’re in a pinch, the PokeGenie app will give you a Pokemon’s IV through your phone. Apps outside of Pokemon GO take the available stats of your Pokemon and use a specific calculator to tell you the exact numbers you need to know for your Pokemon.

Once you know your Pokemon’s exact IV, you can focus on which Pokemon you choose to level up and evolve with candy. You can avoid leveling up Pokemon that aren’t as strong this way, which will save you time and resources. And now you know everything there is to know about checking your Pokemon’s IV in Pokemon GO. For more on events, raids, and more special tips and tricks, check out our Pokemon GO guides. We cover a bit of everything, so if you are ever lost, you can find your answer there.

Pokemon GO is available now on mobile devices.

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