Pokémon GO – How to Get Shiny Cranidos and Shiny Shieldon

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Among the many benefits of the Pokémon GO Ultra Unlock 2021: Time even is the arrival of Shiny Cranidos and Shiny Shieldon. Many players have been anxiously awaiting this day as they stocked up on Candy and high IV versions of these two power Pokémon. And now they have the chance to add the shiny versions to their collection, but to do so you need to know where and how to find them. Here’s how to get Shiny Cranidos and Shiny Shieldon in Pokémon GO.

How to Get Shiny Cranidos and Shiny Shieldon

Thankfully the arrival of Shiny Cranidos and Shiny Shieldon comes with a ton of ways to catch these usually rare beasts. Starting at 10am on Friday, July 23rd both Cranidos and Shieldon will be appearing more frequently in the wild which is always a great way to find shinies. Keeping an active Incense while you play during the event, which will end on Tuesday, August 3rd at 8pm local time, will give you a ton of chances to find and catch Shiny Cranidos and Shiny Shieldon.

Along with this you should be trying to get 7km eggs by opening gifts from your friends. These can hatch a number of Pokémon such as Omanyte, Kabuto, Aerodactyl, and Lileep, but it can also result in Shiny Cranidos or Shiny Shieldon. So incubate and hatch all the new 7km eggs you receive during the event to try to get them.

There are also raids featuring both Cranidos and Shieldon, so watch for those. There is debate about the shiny odds for non-Legendary raids, but you do have a shot at them if you win. They’re just one-star raids so they should be very easy to defeat if you throw your most powerful Pokémon at them. Once you win just cross your fingers that the encounter ends up being either Shiny Cranidos or Shiny Shieldon.

Finally you can also encounter them when you complete certain Ultra Unlock 2021: Time event exclusive Field Research.

Which Field Research Tasks Rewards Cranidos and Shieldon

When spinning PokéStops or gyms just be on the lookout for either the “Hatch an Egg” or “Win a raid” Field Research task. Completing the Hatch an Egg task will reward you with Shieldon, while Win a raid will give you Cranidos. Either one can end up being shiny, so try to collect and complete as many of these as you can while they are available.

And that’s how to get Shiny Cranidos and Shiny Shieldon in Pokémon GO.

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