Pokemon GO: How to Get Shiny Latias

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Latias is back in Pokemon GO, and while you may have grabbed a few of her when she was in raids before, this time is different. Yes, much like previous returning Legendary Raid Pokemon, Latias can now be shiny. The odds are actually pretty decent too, and with her being featured in Legendary Raids until March 1st, you have plenty of time to track one down. But how do you do it? Here’s how to get a shiny Latias in Pokemon GO.

There isn’t some grand trick to it, unfortunately. In fact, the answer to how to get a shiny Latias in Pokemon GO is pretty much to play the game as much as possible. Latias is a level 5 or Legendary Raid opponent, so any time you see a level 5 raid spawn get ready to take it on. If it is Latias then there’s a chance you can encounter a shiny version if you beat it. See how to beat Latias with the best counters right here.

Grab a group of like-minded Pokemon GO players and take Latias on. Once you win, you will find out if yours is shiny. The real answer to how to get a shiny Latias is to do this as much as possible. While she is available in raids, you have about a one in twenty chance of getting a shiny, if the odds stay true to what we’ve seen before. This means you could get a shiny Latias after your first raid, or you could do a hundred or more and never see one. The more you do, the higher your overall odds of getting one are.

If you fail you get a shiny Latias before the raids go away on March 1st at 1pm Pacific Time, then don’t fret too much. Yes, this is your best chance to get one, but it likely won’t be your only chance. For example, completing your weekly research reward right now gives you a shot at shiny versions of Zapdos, Lugia, and the other Legendary Birds. Latias will probably return again like this.

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