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Pokemon GO: How to get Shiny Shuckle

And what does he look like?

by Kyle Hanson


This weekend sees another Pokemon GO Safari Zone event. While the event itself is in Singapore, everyone around the globe will get a special treat to celebrate. This comes in the form of Shuckle, a very rare Pokemon that will be spawning much more regularly during the event. And if the tease from Niantic is anything to go by, he’ll appear in his shiny form. So here’s how to get shiny Shuckle in Pokemon GO.

How to Get Shiny Shuckle

Starting April 20th at 10am Shuckle will begin spawning more regularly around the world, and if you’re lucky you’ll find him in shiny form. The difference is actually pretty obvious for this one, as opposed to some others that are slightly different shades of the same color. For shiny Shuckle, the body will appear blue instead of red. And there is always the telltale sparkles that will appear on the encounter screen. But how do you get one?

Well, the answer is to encounter as many Shuckle as possible, especially during the event which ends on April 21st at 10pm. Head out to parks or wherever you get a lot of Pokemon spawning. Find bundles of Poke Stops and put lures on them to cause even more to appear. Then encounter every Shuckle you see, tapping on them and either catching them or backing out. It really does come down to the numbers of it. The more Shuckle you encounter, the more likely you’ll find a shiny Shuckle.

Shiny Shuckle will likely still appear once the event ends, but with the character’s rarity it will be nearly impossible to track one down. Get out this weekend and play as much as possible if you need one of the blue guys in your Poke Dex.  That’s how to get Shiny Shuckle in Pokemon GO.

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