Pokemon GO: How to Get Shiny Swinub on Community Day

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It’s time for another Pokemon GO Community Day event, which means there’s a brand new shiny Pokemon to catch. This month it’s Swinub the ice Pokemon, who will likely be the strongest ice attacker the game will ever have. As you wander around your local park or wherever you go for CD, you might wonder what shiny Swinub looks like and how to catch him. Here’s some tips and tricks on how to get shiny Swinub on Community Day for February 2019.

Swinub Community Day in Pokemon GO will begin at 2pm local time on Saturday, February 16th. It will run for the usual three hours, ending at 5pm local time. So no matter where you are, just keep that timeframe in mind. Shiny Swinub will appear during this window at a heavily increased rate. Yes, you can find them in the wild after the event is over, but it will be very hard and take a lot of time and energy. If you want a shiny Swinub, this is your best chance.

As far as how to get a shiny Swinub on Community Day, there’s not a ton of specific strategies aside from catching every single Swinub you can. The best thing to do is find an area with a lot of spawns, Pokestops, and gyms. Parks are usually your best bet, but college campuses and malls also work well. Find your spot and plan a nice route that keeps you moving, but also interacting with the Pokestops and larger spawn points. The strategy is to interact with as many Swinub spawns as possible, either catching them for the extra candy or moving on to other potential shiny Pokemon.

Tap every single Swinub you see, to check if it is shiny. If you’re low on supplies, such as Poke Balls, maybe save them if it’s not shiny or not worth catching. Once one does pop up, use berries and Ultra Balls if you want. Just make sure you walk away with that shiny Swinub, cause all of this is how to get shiny Swinub on Community Day for February 2019.

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