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Pokémon GO – How to Mega Evolve Your Pokémon

It's finally here

by Kyle Hanson


Despite its removal from the main line series, mega evolution has just become a big part of Pokémon GO. Launching today, the feature allows you to enhance a single Pokémon during a raid battles. And with the added bonus of boosting the strength of other characters helping in the fight, it’s something you’ll want to understand and use the feature pretty regularly. So to help you get started, here’s how to mega evolve in Pokémon GO.

How to Mega Evolve Your Pokémon

Before you can even think about mega evolving a Pokémon you’ll need to be sure it’s one that can use the feature. Currently only non-shadow and non-clone Venusaur, Blastoise, and Charizard along with Beedrill and Pidgeot can do so but more will be added in the future. You can always tell which can use the boost based on the mega raids you’ve seen or participated in. These are the key to gaining the new Mega Energy, which is required to mega evolve.

Once you have that sorted out you just need to get some of that Mega Energy. Take on mega raids or complete special research to get more of the precious resource. Once you have enough you can mega evolve any of the available Pokémon simply by selecting the option on its profile. This will massively boost its power, but only for a limited time, which you can see right on the profile page as well.

After that it’s just about using them where they’re most effective. Raids, gyms, and Team GO Rocket battles are the most effective, especially if you have friends joining in the first two or need some help completing the Rocket boss battles. Just keep in mind the time limited nature of the mega evolution form and how rare Mega Energy might become down the road. But that’s how to mega evolve in Pokémon GO.

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