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Pokémon GO Incarnate Forme Thundurus Raid Guide – The Best Counters (April and May 2021)

How To Beat Incarnate Forme Thundurus.

by Dean James


It has almost felt like the Forces of Nature trio has been around in Pokémon GO for the entire year at this point, but it has instead been over the last couple months only. There is a light on the horizon in early May, but we still have one last hoorah with the Incarnate Formes for the trio, which includes Thundurus.

The Best Incarnate Forme Thundurus Counters in April and May 2021

Our Incarnate Forme Thundurus guide can be found further down below, where we answer all of the important questions about its raids and how to beat Incarnate Forme Thundurus. Before that though you need to have a team of solid counters, so here’s a list of the very best. As a Electric/Flying Pokémon, Incarnate Forme Thundurus is one of the rarest types in the games, with the only other besides the Thundurus forms being Emolga. Due to being a Flying type, Incarnate Forme Thundurus shares most of the same major weaknesses as both Landorus and Tornadus, which are both Rock and Ice. But be sure to read below the chart to find out the rare exceptions and special cases that pop up, since so much has been added to Pokémon GO prior to April and May 2021.

Pokémon Fast Attack Charged Attack
Mamoswine Powder Snow Avalanche
Rhyperior Smack Down Rock Wrecker
Rampardos Smack Down Rock Slide
Galarian Darmanitan Ice Fang Avalanche
Abomasnow Powder Snow Weather Ball
Weavile Ice Shard Avalanche
Terrakion Smack Down Rock Slide

Considering it hasn’t been too long since we last saw Incarnate Forme Thundurus in raids, nothing has really changed. Taking in a Shadow version of any of the above Pokémon is always going to be recommended above the regular version. The best Mega obviously is Mega Abomasnow, which can be incredibly useful with a moveset of Powder Snow and Weather Ball. Now let’s get on with the full Incarnate Forme Thundurus raid guide down below.

Pokémon GO Incarnate Forme Thundurus Raid Guide

Here’s some of the frequently asked questions and important tips about Incarnate Forme Thundurus raids in Pokémon GO for April and May 2021.

When do Incarnate Forme Thundurus Raids Begin and End in April and May 2021

Incarnate Forme Thundurus will begin appearing in five star raids in Pokémon GO on Tuesday, April 27 at 10 am local time. There is no specific time announced for when it will be leaving raids, but it likely will leave just ahead of the arrival of Xerneas next week.

How Many Players are Needed

As before, Incarnate Forme Thundurus is one of the easier five star raids due to how weak it can be to Ice and Rock attacks. Having two players that are high level, best friends, and with the best counters likely can beat Incarnate Forme Thundurus, but it isn’t exactly recommended. Due to this, we recommend having at least three or four players, especially if you are not leveled up or have the best counters.

What Weather Boosts Incarnate Forme Thundurus and Counters

Incarnate Forme Thundurus is boosted by Rainy and Windy weather that raises his CP, making him tougher to take down. Incarnate Forme Thundurus’ Electric moves will be especially strong in Rainy weather, so you might be better off taking it on outside of those if you are struggling. Fighting in Snow or Party Cloudy conditions will give Ice and Rock attacks a boost respectively though, though finding Snow conditions will probably be pretty difficult this time of year in the US at least.

What CP for 100% IVs for Incarnate Forme Thundurus

Without weather boosts, Incarnate Forme Thundurus will be encountered at 1828 CP to 1911 CP. The higher CP means it is 100% perfect in terms of IVs so you should do your best to catch it if you’re lucky enough to find one. In Sunny and Windy weather that range shifts to 2285 CP to 2389 CP instead, making him level 25 upon catch.

Can Incarnate Forme Thundurus be Shiny, How to Get Shiny Incarnate Forme Thundurus

Yes, shiny Incarnate Forme Thundurus is possible to catch in April and May 2021 in Pokémon GO, though shiny Incarnate Forme Thundurus was just available back in March as well. There is nothing special involving a boosted shiny rate, so just keep doing raids until you come across one with the usual one in 20 odds.

And that’s our Incarnate Forme Thundurus raid guide for April and May 2021, with all the best counters in Pokémon GO.

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