Pokemon GO: Is Ditto Worth Powering Up and Using?

Time to think about Ditto!

by Gordon Bicker


Pokemon GO is thriving as always and players have been happily enjoying everything that is arriving to the game with the starting of Summer in full swing. Of course, people have been continuing their Pokemon collecting journey throughout the experience and there are many Pokemon that are excellent to power up and utilize in a majority of situations you will venture through in the game. However, one Pokemon, in particular, has had a lot of discussions centered around the reason for powering them up. This guide article will talk about whether it is worth powering up and utilizing Ditto in Pokemon Go.

Powering Up and Using Ditto — Is It Worth It?

Ditto’s main usage within Pokemon Go is for them to transform into other Pokemon when battling. They also have access to the ‘Struggle’ move but apart from that, they are generally tied to those mechanics. Catching a Ditto can be quite the challenge as you will have to try and encounter the pokemon that it could be disguised as at that point. So when you do actually get around to catching one, you will of course want to take as much advantage from Ditto as you possibly can. Especially while preparing for the Pokemon Go Fest.

In terms of utilizing them, the ability for Ditto to transform into other Pokemon is definitely an interesting mechanic and extremely beneficial to have under your belt for battles. Personally, I would say that it is worth it to use Ditto for battling when you want to make use of this feature if you have a high HP stat for Ditto.

However, in terms of powering them up, generally, you will be battling the most with other Pokemon so it may be best to focus on powering those up in the experience first. However there have been some good results from players who have powered them up, so if you are wanting to power up as many Pokemon as you can, it definitely will likely be worth it for you. Nonetheless, Ditto can be eliminated quite quickly even with some higher stats, even before it may get the chance to transform, so keep that in mind before powering them up!

Time to get preparing for all of the events arriving to Pokemon GO, and maybe you’ll even have a powered-up Ditto that you bring along with you!

Pokémon GO is available to download now for free on IOS and Android.

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