Pokémon GO – Magnemite Spotlight Hour Guide, Can Magnemite be Shiny

How to catch Shiny Magnemite during Spotlight Hour

by Kyle Hanson

While 2021 might feel like it just began, it’s already August and Pokémon GO players should start preparing for Magnemite Spotlight Hour. This is the first of five weekly events turning the focus onto one Pokémon. Along with massively increased wild spawns will come an additional bonus feature and possibly the chance to catch Shiny Magnemite. But to get the most out of the event you’ll want to explore our Magnemite Spotlight Hour guide for Pokémon GO, which include the answer to can Magnemite be shiny.

Magnemite Spotlight Hour Guide

Below here you will find the answers to the most important questions about Magnemite Spotlight Hour in Pokémon GO. The event is short, so make sure you know how to prepare now so you are ready once it begins.

When is Magnemite Spotlight Hour

All Spotlight Hour events fall on Tuesday, with Magnemite taking place on August 3rd from 6pm to 7pm local time. This means you will get your hour long chance to catch almost as many Magnemite as you wish at this time, no matter where you are. The event only lasts for one hour, so be ready to take advantage of the increased spawns as well as the additional bonus.

What is the Magnemite Spotlight Hour Bonus, How to Prepare

During Magnemite Spotlight Hour players will also receive 2x Catch Stardust as a bonus. So whether you’re catching all of the Magnemite that will be spawning in the wild, or your stacked Research rewards, you’ll get double the usual Stardust. So to prepare you’ll probably want to have a Star Piece ready to activate once the event begins at 6pm. Then just try to catch as many Pokémon as you can during the hour so you get the most out of this reward.

Can Magnemite be Shiny, How to Catch Shiny Magnemite during Spotlight Hour

Yes, Magnemite can be shiny during Spotlight Hour (or really any time in Pokémon GO). To catch Shiny Magnemite you will likely need to encounter a lot of them before one appears. The odds are quite low to find one, but with so many spawning you have your best chance right now. Activate an Incense and/or Lure Module to add to your chances, since even more Magnemite will spawn thanks to these. Otherwise just be sure to check every single one that appears on the map, whether you plan to catch them or not. If you spot a Shiny Magnemite then use a Golden Razz Berry and Ultra Ball to make sure it doesn’t flee.

And that’s our Magnemite Spotlight Hour guide for Pokémon GO, including some tips for how to catch Shiny Magnemite.