Pokémon Go: Mega Absol Raid Guide – Shiny, Best Counters & Moveset

The best counters to defeat Mega Absol in Pokémon GO.

by Thomas Cunliffe


Mega Absol has made its debut in Pokémon GO as part of the Halloween Mischief event! It will be appearing in Mega Raids from October 22nd, 2021 until November 5, 2021 t 10:00 am local time.

In this guide, we’ll be covering the best counters to defeat Mega Absol in Pokémon GO, as well as if it’s able to be shiny and the best moves to teach it once you’ve caught one.

Can Mega Absol be Shiny in Pokémon GO?

Shiny Absol is available from Mega Absol raids in Pokémon GO. It’s important to note that you don’t catch the Mega version of the Pokémon you defeated. You will, instead, encounter its normal form and gain Mega Energy that allows you to Mega Evolve any Absol of your choice.


Mega Absol Weakness in Pokémon GO

Like Darkrai, who is currently appearing in 5-star Raids, Absol is a pure Dark-type Pokémon. This means it’s weak to Fighting-, Bug- and Fairy-type moves, while being resistant to Psychic, Ghost and Dark.

Best Darkrai Counters in Pokémon GO

The top 6 counters for defeating Mega Absol are Shadow Machamp, Shadow Hariyama, Lucario, Conkeldurr, Shadow Gardevoir and Machamp. Non-Shadow versions of the Shadow Pokémon listed are also strong competitors. Don’t worry if you don’t have all of these Pokémon, as secondary counters will be listed later in this guide.

Top Counter Movesets

  • (Shadow) Machamp – Counter / Dynamic Punch
  • Shadow Hariyama – Counter / Dynamic Punch
  • Lucario – Counter / Aura Sphere
  • Conkeldurr – Counter / Dynamic Punch
  • Shadow Gardevoir – Bug Bite / X-Scissor

Secondary counters include (Shadow) Granbull, Mega Beedrill, (Shadow) Pinsir, Mega Lopunny, Breloom and Zacian. Basically, any high CP Fighting-,Bug- or Fairy-type Pokémon with moves matching its type.

Secondary Counter Movesets

  • Granbull – Charm / Play Rough
  • Mega Beedrill – Bug Bite / X-Scissor
  • Pinsir – Bug Bite / X-Scissor
  • Mega Lopunny – Low Kick / Focus Blast
  • Breloom – Counter / Dynamic Punch
  • Zacian – Quick Attack / Play Rough

How many people do I need to beat Mega Absol?

Mega Absol can be beaten with around 3-5 people, depending on the counters they choose. It’s even possible to duo with two players, providing they both have extremely strong counters.

What are the best moves for Mega Absol in Pokémon GO?

Mega Absol falls behind other Dark-type Mega Pokémon, Like Mega Houndoom, but is still a strong Pokémon to use should you have the Mega Energy.

Its best moveset would be Snarl as its Fast Move and Dark Pulse as its Charged Move. Mega Absol should be used as a pure Dark-type attacker and a third move isn’t needed, especially since it can’t be used in PvP.

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Pokémon GO is available now on Android and iOS.

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