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Pokemon GO Shiny Drifloon – Can Drifloon Be Shiny?

Is there a chance for Shiny?

Shiny Pokemon are always the most sought after Pokemon in Pokemon GO.  Catching shiny Pokemon isn’t easy, because they have a very low rate of appearance and not all Pokemon even have a shiny version.  On October 5th, the scheduled Spotlight Hour is for Drifloon so will you be able to catch a Shiny Drifloon during Spotlight Hour?

Can you Catch Shiny Drifloon in Pokemon GO?

The straight answer is yes, it’s possible.  Shiny Drifloon can be found, but it’s not going to be easy. Eventhough you’ll find more Drifloon during Spotlight hour the odds of finding a shiny Drifloon do not increase during the event.  As always you can increase the chances of getting Shiny Drifloon is to keep trying as much as possible during the event and use incense.

Best Ways to Catch Shiny Drifloon

  • Play for the entire spotlight hour
  • Use incense
  • Hope for good luck

This Ghost/Flying-type Pokemon is from Gen 4 and has been in Pokemon GO for years now.  Drifloon is normally purple, but the shiny variant is easy to see as Drifloon appears yellow instead of the normal purple color.  While there is no straight forward and fool-proof method of getting a Shiny Drifloon, playing as much as possible during Spotlight Hour will give you your best chances.  Even once Spotlight Hour is over you will still have some chance to get one.

The October 5th Spotlight Hour in Pokemon Go kicks off a 6pm local time in your region and will end promptly at 7pm local time.  Good luck.

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